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The 25+ Most Positive & Hopeful Family Court Reform Moments of 2022

For many of us, it’s not accurate to say that we are victims-survivors of domestic violence; the truth is, we are also victims-survivors of family court. But the collective trauma and injustice we have experienced have brought us together, and our global solidarity is a powerful force the world is just starting to see.
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Art Exhibition with the theme Afghan Refugee’s Mental Health and Psychological Problems Quetta,2022

YAD Organized All Art Competition and Exhibition Youth Association for Development with Amna's support, formerly known as Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI) is implementing the Baluchistan Refugees Trauma Support Hub (RTSH) project in District Quetta.
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Are We Seeing The Vanishing Of Kindness In America?

Birthday parties, rape threats, and cocaine have a lot to do with what I’m talking about.
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4 Things You Should Know About Kids Who Go No Contact With Their Parents

How do we keep overlooking these things, and more importantly, why don't we care?
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Frozen Pipes

Learn how to prevent water pipes from freezing, and how to thaw them if they do freeze.
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Russia offers India help in leasing and building large-capacity ships to overcome G7’s oil price cap

The offer came as Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak held a meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Moscow, Pavan Kapoor, on December 9
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Iran to Review Mandatory Hijab Law Amid Protests

In an effort to quell ongoing protests, Iranian authorities announced that they will review the law which stipulates that women must cover their hair.
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