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2023 Walter Cronkite award winners investigate untruths and consequences

Despite the Big Lie’s dispiriting tenacity, despite the “disinformation at scale” that AI’s advances may signify, some of the best journalists on TV are imperturbably digging for truth, combating deception and defending democracy.
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Women Veterans Engage

Join women veterans, active duty, guard & reserve in-person for a live broadcast from multiple locations with 5 phenomenal speakers engaging, inspiring, and motivating professional development and personal growth!
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The Addiction Nobody Talk$ About

It’s the silent killer of finances. And society rewards us for it.
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Women for Women International

For 30 years, Women for Women International has worked with women the world forgets — women survivors of war and conflict.
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Goucher Environmental Dialogues: The Rights of Rivers

Did you know that rivers are entitled to legal personhood status and can defend themselves in court?
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Child Molester Judge Kills Self; “Women Talking” Allegory

While FBI agents outside called on a speakerphone for him to surrender, Maryland Judge Jonathon Newell killed himself inside his home.
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5 Terrible Habits That Are Seriously Destroying Your Mental Health & How To Break Them…

Getting Rid Of These 5 Toxic Habits Will Save Your Mental Health
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