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Focus on Women Magazine is the most relevant, engaging and interesting magazine to hit the newsstands. They understand women’s lives and their need to balance caring for a family, succeeding in the highly competitive business world and offering up their strengths to make a difference through nonprofits or community organizations.
They know that women want to succeed both personally and professionally while also often tending to the world’s struggles and greatest social and economic problems. The magazine reinforces that women should not settle and should always strive to excel and enhance every aspect of their lives with courage and conviction. They also should never forget their best feature which they should never leave home without, a smile.

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4 Ways a Narcissist Breaks Your Heart

And they will break it, guaranteed
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What Is Positive Education, and How Can We Apply It? (+PDF)

All parents want the best for their children. They want their children to be happy and to flourish. They want them to live out their dreams and reach their innate potential.
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A Look at Educational Coaching in the Classroom

Change is known to be a gradual and often difficult process for teachers.
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How to Motivate Students in the Classroom: 12 Tips for Teachers

Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and in order to instill and sustain a lifelong love of learning, motivation is a must.
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January is Human Trafficking Month: What’s New With Blue?

President Biden has proclaimed that January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a time to bring attention to the crime of human trafficking.
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The 25+ Most Positive & Hopeful Family Court Reform Moments of 2022

For many of us, it’s not accurate to say that we are victims-survivors of domestic violence; the truth is, we are also victims-survivors of family court. But the collective trauma and injustice we have experienced have brought us together, and our global solidarity is a powerful force the world is just starting to see.
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Art Exhibition with the theme Afghan Refugee’s Mental Health and Psychological Problems Quetta,2022

YAD Organized All Art Competition and Exhibition Youth Association for Development with Amna's support, formerly known as Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI) is implementing the Baluchistan Refugees Trauma Support Hub (RTSH) project in District Quetta.
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Are We Seeing The Vanishing Of Kindness In America?

Birthday parties, rape threats, and cocaine have a lot to do with what I’m talking about.
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Publisher Statement

Wading in the tranquil space of nature’s time, I watch, hear, and notice the symphonic voices of sparrows and in so doing, I observe their scattered but somewhat unified ascent along the backdrop of a tinted, orange, and illustrious sky.  In so doing, what came to me was a valuable lesson: like the birds that ascent into flight, as human beings, though we may not take the direct path towards our goals patterned exactly after others, the ends to our pathways in life are preceded by the unique virtues of which makes up our means of arrival.  Like the sparrows, each in their own way ascending into flight, are we as we work towards the results of our life’s endeavors. Our differences can bind us together towards a common greatness.  In other words, through our individualities, we can propel towards a common goal. To our readers, supporters and advertisers, may you too value your own individuality to bring you towards a shared vision with others.  Best wishes for a happy ending to the closure of the Summer season.

All the best,
Joslyn Wolfe
Publisher, Focus on Women Magazine