About Us

Focus on Women Magazine is the most relevant, engaging and interesting magazine to hit the newsstands. They understand women’s lives and their need to balance caring for a family, succeeding in the highly competitive business world, and offering up their strengths to make a difference through nonprofits or community organizations. They know that women want to succeed both personally and professionally while also often tending to the world’s struggles and greatest social and economic problems. The magazine reinforces that women should not settle and should always strive to excel and enhance every aspect of their lives with courage and conviction. They also should never forget their best feature which they should never leave home without, a smile.


This bimonthly magazine offers an uplifting environment that inspires women and gives them a sense of belonging. It is the kind of magazine that could fall into the hands of your spouse or child and they would still find an article – or ten – that peaks their interest, even if it is about a women’s world. We have a circulation of 90,000 in the Baltimore and DC metro area including Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Columbia and Ellicott City. There is so much in these areas that calls for celebration and the magazine is an outlet to showcase it all. The audience is unique in the sense that the women following the bimonthly publication encompass all generations, ages, races, socioeconomic backgrounds and walks of life. They are drawn together in unity through their shared interest in topics pertaining to women.


“Our vision is to go global.” We have a scope both nationally and internationally online and our website has even captured a readership in the UK. If you are seeking information about arts and entertainment, culture or yearn to discover more about some bright, selfless and humanitarian Maryland women, you have found the right place. If you are interested in information on health and nutrition, home and family, beauty and fitness or just how to make positive changes to your fastpaced, busy life, this magazine is sure to be a one stop shop for you. If you are looking to generate support for a project, learn valuable communication and business growth strategies or find a local organization to share your talents and compassion with, you will find Focus on Women Magazine to be your niche too. You will feel as if you have received a bundle of empowering magazines on a rack all in one – and it is lightweight too.

The magazine is published by Joslyn Wolfe, a proud Maryland native who has made our state a better place to live just by being a part of it. Wolfe is a dedicated, caring, philanthropic woman who is well-versed on wellness, lifestyle, education, charity and community needs. She sees where the gaps are and has the magic touch to fill them in through the power of the pen. Currently getting ready to present the Women of Impact Awards Reception by way of Focus on Women Magazine, Wolfe has big aspirations for the fall. Proceeds will fund Focus on Women’s micro credit grant fund and this is just one endeavor. The giving does not stop here.


Whether it is by reading, advertising or both, you can make a mark in the magazine that lends itself to a very stable and solid future. We offer the most competitive prices, far below other publications in the area and our generous supporters and biggest advocates are names that are not to be taken lightly. We thrive thanks to being in the company of repeat ads from Johns Hopkins, the VA Hospital, Department of Health and Hygiene and the University of Maryland.


We are also pleased to be listed by Dun and Bradstreet and have a CCR number. While the sometimes referred to glass ceiling may have a few small cracks, Focus on Women Magazine uses their burning desire to educate and empower women of all ages around the world to shatter through this barrier.

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