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Child Molester Judge Kills Self; “Women Talking” Allegory

While FBI agents outside called on a speakerphone for him to surrender, Maryland Judge Jonathon Newell killed himself inside his home.
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An Epidemic of Violence: Fighting to End Gender-Based Violence

This year’s theme is “UNiTE: Activism to end violence against women and girls.”
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The Go-To Defense Tactic of Abusers in Family Court — Globally

A brief history of the concept of “parental alienation.”
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4 Ways a Narcissist Breaks Your Heart

And they will break it, guaranteed
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Faces of the Crisis 2021

Thanks to all mothers who’ve participated in our “Faces of the Crisis” project. Our stories help raise awareness about the Custody Crisis in Family Court.
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Custody Crisis Stories of 2021

2021 was a year like most others in family courts around the world with many tragedies and injustices, but also a few triumphs and successes. These stories help raise awareness about the epidemic of judges switching custody to abusive and self-serving fathers.
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