Child Molester Judge Kills Self; “Women Talking” Allegory

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While FBI agents outside called on a speakerphone for him to surrender, Maryland Judge Jonathon Newell killed himself inside his home.

Newell fatally shot himself rather than allowing the FBI to arrest him and hold him accountable for his serial crimes against children. This, despite the fact Newell’s career had entitled him to hold other criminals responsible. He had acted as district attorney, state attorney, and, most as a judge for five years.


Two boys found a camera that was recording them while they undressed in the bathroom of Newell’s vacation cabin where he would take them on his hunting trips. Newell tried to blame the camera on another man who had been at the cabin with four other boys.

However, during a previous interview and search warrant, Newell had chewed up and swallowed a memory card. It was found in his intestines with an X-ray. Newell was seen in some of the recordings, so it was a strong case and Newell had little chance of being acquitted.

Although much of MSM [mainstream media] concentrated on Newell creating child porn, better referred to as C-SAM [child sexual abuse material], children also say he molested them. Two of them said he would fondle their genitals under the guise of checking them for ticks as they undressed to get in the shower.

Since Newell was the only circuit court judge in Caroline County, it was possible he presided over some contested custody cases. If he came across a case involving sexual abuse, he would likely have not protected the children (i.e. enabled the father.)

Another child molester judge, Brett Blomme, was caught and convicted in Wisconsin last year. This story was covered in another Women’s Coalition News & Views column: Judge Convicted of “Worst of the Worst” Child Porn.

MORAL OF BOTH STORIES: A judge should NOT have the power to decide child custody or visitation.

So women need to get together, like the women in the new movie Women Talking to identify a way they will be able to protect their children. Because judges, male or female, rarely protect children from fathers.


Women Talking” was nominated for the 2022 Academy Award for Best Picture. It is the story of an isolated religious colony in Bolivia where women cannot protect themselves or their children from male violence and child rape.

Some of the women in the colony come together in a hay loft to talk about this terrible problem, hence the title women talking.

They tale about the ramifications of each of three options: do nothing; stay and fight; or leave the colony.

[Spoiler Alert!]

The women ultimately decide the only way they will be able to protect their children is for all the women and children to leave the colony and start a new life elsewhere without the men. The film ends with a caravan of happy women and children heading out of the colony to safety.

Women Talking serves as an allegory for women all over the world being unable to protect children from fathers and needing to decide what to do about it.

It is impossible, legally and practically, for women around the world to get together and go someplace to escape the fathers of their children.

And it is impossible to do nothing.

That leaves the other option: stay and fight.

Fight for a new system in which a judge cannot decide our children’s fate. Fight to get cases out of Family Court and into a regular civil court where there are juries and more due process protections. Fight to keep court appointees out of the process and for other policies that will serve to keep our children safe.

Women need to come together, like the women in Women Talking, and identify the way we can protect our children. Reforms within the Family Court system that have been proposed will not make any significant difference as judges have the power to deem women liars, alienators, emotionally abusive or mentally ill.

The Women’s Coalition has proposed The Child Custody Act which provides for all these protections.

Join The Women’s Coalition and help fight for protection for our children.

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