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Goucher Environmental Dialogues: The Rights of Rivers

Did you know that rivers are entitled to legal personhood status and can defend themselves in court?
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5 Reasons It Is Beneficial to Get CPR Certified

Heart disease, cancer, and respiratory problems consistently rank as people’s top health concerns. These issues are concerning, but they are small compared to the consequences of not learning CPR.
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ATTENTION: All NGO’s and Schools

Calling All NGO's and Schools - NEW COMPETITION FROM Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation (GGAF) AND My Body is My Body Programme - MBIMB Foundation
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Hear from an expert on Food Safety for Technician Training Modules.

As contract labs seek to improve employee retention, they can help both their own efforts and their technicians by emphasizing education.
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Call for Applications: CEU Democracy Institute Leadership Academy

The CEU Democracy Institute Leadership Academy (DILA) is a unique, 12-week part-time English-language leadership training program offered by the CEU Democracy Institute for a new generation of public leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.
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