Your Bathtime Struggles End Here

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This New Year, when making resolutions with your kids, consider making bath time a learning experience with Dabble & Dollop, the only mixable children’s bath brand. Just think STEM  activity in the tub! No messes or clean up required. Perfect for your dabbling scientist or next master chef or for a bath-adverse child.

“Though the mixing process may seem simple, to a child it is pure magic! They love to ‘innovate’ and create new textures and scents,” believes brand Founder & CEO Stephanie Leshney. “We love to inspire creativity and a love of science.”

It’s a Shampoo! It’s a Body Wash! It’s a Bubble Bath! Dabble & Dollop’s 3-in-1 Mixables feature fresh, authentic scents designed to be mixed, kids can customize their own sudsy creations each and every night. Choose from any of its 7 amazing aromas and textures. Use alone or get Creatively Clean and mix them up to create over 125 unique bathing combinations!

“We allow children a safe opportunity to mix scents and textures together to create their own unique concoctions. For example, children can take a dabble (pump) of Strawberry and a dollop (pump) of Vanilla and make a strawberry shortcake bath. Or, a dabble of Tangerine and a Dabble of Lemon for a Citrus Body Wash,” Stephanie explains. “With seven scents and our Cherry on Top Conditioner, there are over 125 unique opportunities for children to customize – the creation of the bubble bath, the bodywash and the shampoo.”

Dabble & Dollops’ Original Bubble Box, a great starter set for kids, features Strawberry, Tangerine and Vanilla, and comes with a new recipe booklet, and a silicone bowl to inspire the mixing. The booklet features nearly a dozen recipes and also has space for kids to create and note their own creations. The brand’s Rainbow of Bubbles, featuring all seven 3-in-1 scents, is the ultimate bath experience for kids.

“The real magic happens when children create their own recipes whether in our custom bowl or in the palms of their hands,” Stephanie adds.

Dabble & Dollops 3-in-1 mixables were its first product and the line is made with sustainable USA-sourced plant-based ingredients, vegan, Certified Tear-Free, dermatologist-tested ultra-mild, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free.  All of the brand’s products are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. Additionally, Dabble & Dollop’s bath bombs are all natural, gluten-free, artificial dye-free and made in California.

“Our 3-in-1 products feature our SmartScent™ technology. These scents are an optimized blend of natural oils and nature-identical formulated to the strictest EU-standards for purity.,” Stephanie describes. “Our scents were tested to be highly stable and non-irritating (HRIPT testing), and were formulated according to the European Union’s directive and free of known allergens.”