Meg’s Magical Mocha:

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(Makes up to 2 delicious ice-cold coffee drinks)
2 shots espresso
2 tbsp rounded scoops of chocolate-flavored powder (I like Ghiradelli or Nestle Quik)
2 cups of ice cubes (not crushed)
colored sprinkles
whipped cream
2-3 cups water (or milk if you prefer thicker consistency)
In a blender, pour in the water and then follow up with the ice. Then, pour in the chocolate flavored powder on top. Stir.
Then, add the two shots of espresso and blend. Stop and stir to make sure that the ice is fully blended.
Pour into your favorite mug.
Then, put the whipped cream on top and add the colored sprinkles.
Share with a family member or friend and play your favorite music!