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Save the Date: #WearBlueDay Is Almost Here!

Working to end human trafficking is a year-round effort, but January is a unique opportunity to raise awareness and take action. Every year, the president typically proclaims January as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a time dedicated to shedding light on this devastating crime.

Blue Campaign invites you to get involved by taking a simple action: wearing blue. On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, you can participate in #WearBlueDay to call attention to human trafficking and start important conversations about the crime. All you have to do is wear something blue — an item of clothing, an accessory, an awareness ribbon — and post a photo of yourself with the hashtag #WearBlueDay on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We wear blue because it is the international color of human trafficking awareness.

Stay tuned for more resources from Blue Campaign to help amplify #WearBlueDay. To learn more and to help mobilize others to wear blue, visit bit.ly/2MCCT0o.

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New Awareness Videos Now Available

Blue Campaign has released two new awareness videos, one for truck stop and trucking employees, and another for youth and adults who work with youth. Share these videos on social media, websites, and other internal and external communication channels:

  • Youth Video — Depicts how a trafficker can groom a young person into trafficking situations. This is part one of a four-part series that will be released in 2022.
  • Truck Stop Video — Presents a potential human trafficking scenario that occurs at a truck stop. This resource shares how truck drivers and truck stop employees can work together to identify and report the crime.

DHS Updates

DHS to Support and Implement National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

The White House is focusing on four key U.S. and global anti-trafficking efforts in its updated National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking: prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnerships. As a leader in the fight against human trafficking, DHS helped develop this strategy and will support its mission in a variety of ways:

  • Building Department capacity and bolstering partnerships with industry to prohibit forced labor in supply chains.
  • Developing improvements to prevent human trafficking of foreign workers and students.
  • Strengthening efforts by Department personnel to identify and respond to human trafficking they may encounter in daily work.
  • Improving access to immigration assistance programs for victims of human trafficking.
  • Increasing coordination with law enforcement agencies and the social media and technology industry to hold traffickers accountable and dismantle human trafficking networks.
  • Enhancing initiatives that combat forced labor and traffickers’ illicit use of financial systems.

For more, read the full press release.

News You Can Use

Governor Signs Sen. Jones’ Bill Protecting Foster Kids from Child Labor Trafficking (Times of San Diego)
California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed Senate Bill 584 into law. The legislation, spearheaded by State Sen. Brian Jones, meets existing sex trafficking instruction criteria and will also require foster parents to be trained on how to identify child labor trafficking.