What Really Happens When You Start Working On Yourself

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The Process That Happens When You Start Working On Yourself

When you feel pressured, alone, and conscious about your position in your career, society, and yourself, you start thinking to change yourself. But that doesn’t mean you will start doing work from the next day onwards.

No, first you will stop doing all the bad and distracting things like pleasing your friends to make time for you, stop doing hazardous things if you were doing it till now like smoking, drinking. You will avoid excuses to gain control of yourself. You will cut out any kind of distraction from anywhere in this world, like TV, social media, and social pressure. You will first avoid everything that was stopping you from developing yourself. You will do it slowly and calmly. Just avoiding and stopping these things will cure more than 50% of your life problems.

Then, you will upgrade yourself, you will invest in yourself and your mind and heart. You will upgrade yourself physically. You will upgrade yourself in such a way that your self-esteem increases slowly and slowly.

You will exercise, start doing meditation, start doing homely duties, start loving, obeying, and giving respect to your family again, and start maintaining discipline in your life. You will eat healthy food, you will start to sleep on time, and get up early. In short, you will develop discipline in your life and start to make good habits. You will do it until it comes into your habit and you are comfortable moving on ahead. You will first, become consistent in your daily habits like exercise and homely duties. You will do it until it becomes a part of your life.

Then you will actually, take a look at your career and see what problems are going on in your career path. You will then slowly start to take minute steps there. You will start working slowly and smoothly. You will learn, you will practice. You will slowly start to be consistent in your work. You will start doing it daily. And then you will keep on repeating this process until it also becomes a part of your life.

Now, you get up early, exercise, meditate, remember God (If you wish to), study and work for your career, have healthy lunch, maintain the rest of the day with discipline, have a healthy dinner, and go to sleep on time. The next day, the same process. You made it a habit. And by doing this, again and again, you also started to develop your timetable, like doing these things from Monday to Wednesday, and doing other things from Thursday to Saturday, like this. And now, you are ready to take big actions and risks in your upcoming life.

Till now, you were improving yourself to get ready for bigger actions that would lead you to big paths. So, what was really happening till now? Back then, you were carrying bad thoughts, dirty karmic accounts, negative emotions, and low self-esteem with you.

First, you avoided all the things that were stopping you from improving yourself. Then you slowly started to maintain discipline and erase all the bad karmic accounts and thoughts you were carrying. Remember this line.

Now, consider there is a blackboard with untidy, dirty, and garbage-like things written on it. These garbage-like things are your bad thoughts, dirty karmic accounts, and negative emotions and the smell coming from them (Stinky smell coming from your blackboard) is your low self-esteem. Back then, you were actually erasing all these dirty, untidy things that were written on your blackboard. You were erasing it with a duster, you sprinkled water on it, you rubbed it with a cloth and doing it daily, consistently, and regularly, you managed to clean your blackboard. Now, your blackboard is nice, clean, and tidy.

As I said earlier, after you have managed to maintain discipline, your daily life habits, and your work, now you are ready to take on bigger actions and bigger risks in your life. You are now physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to face bigger challenges and risks. It means now your blackboard is ready to let itself write beautiful things on it. Now, you can write beautiful things on it and make your destiny. And if the chalk writing on the blackboard is given flavors and colors, it means you have now started to add love and sweetness to your life and work as well.

Before, your blackboard was dirty and untidy. So, you were not prepared for action. But after you cleaned it, your blackboard became clean and tidy, and you wrote your destiny on it, and add flavors to it as well. In easy words, it means, you first cleaned your untidy life and came to peace (By avoiding bad things), and removed obstacles that were stopping you from cleaning your blackboard. After coming to peace, you maintained discipline and worked for yourself, i.e, you now cleaned the blackboard slowly and steadily in every possible way (By erasing it with a duster, pouring water, rubbing cloth), i.e, you exercised, meditated, obeyed your family, maintaining a healthy routine (Eating healthy food and sleeping on time), etc.

Then, after your blackboard is cleaned and empty, i.e, after you have succeeded in maintaining your discipline, you slowly started working for your career, i.e, you slowly started writing for your destiny on it. And after you have gained a habit of working for your career, by learning things, gaining knowledge, and doing it daily and consistently, you have started writing on the blackboard confidently. After that you have started to do your work with love, sweetness, and compassion, i.e, you have started adding colors and flavors to your writing.

And after you have done this all, i.e after you have written many good and beautiful things with colors and flavors on your blackboard, you are now ready to take on bigger challenges, actions, and risks, i.e, your beautifully prepared blackboard is ready to take on difficult things to be written on it. Your newly and beautifully developed-upgraded vehicle is ready to race and go for the difficult tracks.

Happy Living!!

First, God helps you achieve peace, then he cleans your past karmic accounts, and if he thinks that you are ready to take on actions, then he starts to write beautiful things for you

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