What did you learn too late in life?

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1. Let go of people, habits and ideas that are toxic to you. You cannot fix everything, and there should be no crying over split milk. If something or someone is not in your life anymore, they do not deserve to be. Liberate yourself by letting them go.

2. Family matters more than anything in the world. Parents will not be around forever, kids will grow so fast, husband/wife will learn to live without you. Priotrize your relationships over your work and partying.

3. Learn to accept that dreams, ambitions and plans can fall apart, and that’s OK. We, however, have to keep moving in good spirit. Otherwise, we will be depressed and broken. Not everything can be according to our wish or will at all times. Let universal wisdom do its work in its own mysterious way.

4. Happiness cannot be found in luxury, success, fame, or a flawless life partner. The Race to reach at top is a never-ending story. You can’t be most beautiful, most intelligent, most successful and most appreciated. There is always someone better than you.

5. Learn to explore the eternal bliss in small small things. Pause and take a moment to appreciate that smell of coffee, this beauty of that newly blossoming flower on your balcony, the sound of the laughter of your amazing life partner, or the sweetness of the sound of your mother and father on the phone.

6. Stop complaining and learn to show gratitude. Count your blessings instead of your problems. Start your day by thanking God for giving you another opportunity to see your loved ones.

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