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Charitable Trusts

Supporting communities through the legacies of our donors

Grants are awarded to eligible nonprofit organizations from nearly 200 perpetual charitable trusts and private foundations for which PNC is trustee. The Committee’s mission is to implement the legacies set forth by the individual donors who established these trust relationships with PNC by distributing grants to worthy 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations at local and regional levels.


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Advancing the Causes Our Donors Believe In

$65 Million

In Grants Issued Annually

Recipients in the fields of Health, Social Services, Education, the Environment, Religion, the Arts and the Welfare of Animals.

The grants are one-time awards and are not pledges of continued support. Size of grants depends on the fit with donors’ intent, availability of funds, breadth of organizations represented in the grant proposal mix, and the project’s social impact.

Our Committee supports projects and programs that:

  • Support year-round programming
  • Provide direct services to individuals and reflect the core social mission of the organization
  • Address a need in the community for which there is a demonstrated demand
  • Have broad impact or benefit underserved populations
  • Have measurable outcomes, a plan for documenting results, and long-term sustainability
  • Have diversified income streams and demonstrate effective financial accountability
  • Involve collaboration with other organizations
  • Complement rather than duplicate the work of other non-profit organizations
  • Are submitted from organizations that have 3 years of operation in full service to others. Also, the program or project for which you are applying needs to have at least one (1) complete year with a report showing the measurable impact available prior to applying

Our Committee generally does not support:

  • General Operating Costs
  • Pilot or new programming
  • Event, conference or seminar sponsorships or entry fees
  • Multi-year commitments
  • For-profit organizations
  • Individuals or private foundations
  • Fraternal, political, advocacy or labor organizations
  • Capital expenses or Capital Campaigns

Application Timetable

Please reach out to the PNC Charitable Trust Contact serving your geographic area(s) before you apply each time to receive the latest and most accurate information available. Application deadlines vary according to geographic location. Please find your region for specific information including application deadlines contact information for all inquiries. Organizations that are applying for the first time, or if a significant amount has passed since your last application, please make every effort to contact a program administrator at least one month prior to an upcoming application deadline. Inquiries made within the one-month window will be scheduled for an introductory call or meeting to potentially apply for the next or upcoming deadline.

Please note that the information listed within the region is not a comprehensive list of all of the trusts that the PNC Charitable Trusts manage. Speaking with an administrator will provide you with all of the pertinent and up to date information for your specific region.

Due to the many trusts we administer, please reach out to the designated PNC Charitable Trusts administrator to determine when your application should be submitted. Unless otherwise specified, and depending on your geographic location, organizations who receive funding are generally asked to wait 18 or 24 months before applying again. Your region and or programmatic focus may impact the timeline when you are eligible to apply.

Upon receiving a grant award, funds shall be utilized within 12 months and results of the project are to be completed electronically via Impact report. Impact reports on previous awards must be submitted before a new application will be considered.

General questions regarding our guidelines, timelines, and processes should be directed to the PNC Charitable Trusts at

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