COVID Christmas

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  • “I’ll be seeing family I couldn’t see because I did something smaller at home.”
  • “I get to see extended family in-person instead of Zoom.”
  • “Like every year, I’ll be home with my family, watching movies and making cookies.”
  • “I wasn’t much of a drinker in 2020, but I’m stopping completely for the holidays this year.”
  • “Last year I was quarantined because of a covid exposure, and this year I’ll be able to see people.”
  • “Like normal, except without masks this year.”
  • “With my family! I’m a nurse, and last year was spent in a covid outbreak.”
  • “My entire family had Covid so we didn’t do anything last year. This year, we’re gonna be doing more. My dad didn’t want to, but it’s what my mom wanted.”
  • “With both sets of my grandparents!”
  • “Traveling!!”
  • “Getting together with extended family.”
  • “Actually going to see family since we’re all vaccinated.”
  • “Together in-person as opposed to virtually, but we’re still all testing and being careful.”
  • “I’ll be seeing my family in India. We don’t really do Christmas here, but I’ll turn on some music with my cousins!”