5 Ideas that Will Free Your Mind this Week

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1. Let the opinions of others inform you this week. Don’t let them limit you. Listen, and then operate with your own wisdom and intuition are your guide.

2. Remember, you cannot calm the storm. What you can do is calm yourself, and the storm will eventually pass. The most powerful and practical changes happen when you decide to take control of what you do have power over, instead of craving control over what you do not.

3. Life opens our minds and educates us as time passes. We gradually realize how much silly nonsense we have wasted our energy and resources on. And we begin to see the beauty in letting go. So just do your best this week to catch yourself, and to let go when it makes sense to.

4. On most days, the secret to peace is letting the present situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be. So don’t wish away your whole day or week waiting for better ones ahead. Do your best to appreciate where you are. Be thankful for life’s fleeting lessons and opportunities. Take them and make the best of things.

5. Many of your daily thoughts and patterns are simply a reflection of what you believe about yourself. Thus, it’s not what you broadcast to everyone else that determines the trajectory of your life; it’s what you whisper to yourself behind closed doors on a daily basis that has the greatest power and influence.

Ultimately, the mind is your battleground. It’s the place where the fiercest and most ruthless conflict resides. It’s where half of the things you feared were going to happen, never actually happened. It’s where your expectations always get the best of you. It’s where you fall victim to your own train of thought time and time again. And if you allow these self-defeating thoughts to dwell in your mind, they will succeed in robbing you of peace, joy, productivity, meaning, and ultimately your life. You will think yourself into endless disappointment, heartache, and even depression.

But are you ready for the silver lining?

YOU CAN change the way you think.

And if you can change the way you think, you can master a new way to be…

Is this email your wake up call?

How many times have you thought “this isn’t working” or “something is not right” or “things have to change”? — those thoughts and words are from your inner voice. It’s your wake-up call calling. You don’t need more stress or a major crisis to wake up. And no one needs to tell you because you already know. Your inner voice has been trying to tell you, but in case it’s been a challenge to find time and space to listen through the chaos, maybe you’ll resonate with one of these situations.

  • If your life is aimlessly on auto-pilot, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you never put yourself first, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you’ve become someone you don’t recognize to please other people or to chase some version of success that doesn’t resonate with you, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you are constantly numbing out with food, shopping, booze, TV, or other distractions, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you are worn down, beat up, stressed out, and completely depleted, this is your wake-up call.

Getting your wake-up call is not the hard part, answering the call is. Choosing to answer the call instead of ignoring it is hard. Right now, it may feel easier to keep going, and going, and going gradually in the wrong direction. But you know if you don’t find a way out of the endless cycle you’re in, it’s going to get worse.

It’s time to listen to what your inner voice has been telling you…

Because despite the real world challenges you face, the biggest and most complex obstacle you will ever have to personally overcome is your own mind and how often you resist your own better judgment. No, you aren’t responsible for everything that happens to you in life (the chaos around you), but you ARE responsible for undoing the self-defeating thinking patterns (the chaos within you) that these undesirable experiences create.

YES, YOU CAN THINK BETTER, which means you can tune that inner voice of yours and ultimately live better because of it.

And YES, like I said, that’s easier said than done, but you are NOT alone on this journey…

Many of us are right there with you, working hard to do the right things for ourselves. In fact, at Think Better, Live Better 2022, which took place a few weeks ago live in Orlando, Marc and I guided attendees through the process of staying true to themselves through thick and thin. Because making steady progress through life’s twists and turns takes some guidance and practice…

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What will you discover at this life changing event?

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