2022 Is Ready to Receive YOU!

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No need to step outside your door. Everything you need is inside.

Not inside your home. Inside of YOU!

Transform your life in 2022 by transforming yourself in the service of others!

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” -Muhammad Ali

I love this quote and in 2022 – and beyond, you can serve others by embarking on a new career, or two, or more…



I. College/Professional degree “work-arounds”

  1. Lawyer/Attorney: To practice law in the United States, most states require a law degree and a license to practice earned by passing the state’s bar examination. However, California, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington State allows bar applicants to take the examination without attending law school. Instead of requiring bar applicants to graduate from law school, the applicant is required to work under the supervision of an attorney or judge for a three-four-year period.  Kim Kardashian opted not to attend law school in California and had completed the first step in becoming a licensed attorney in the state. cbsnews.com Maine, New York, and Wyoming require some law school experience to take the state bar examination. Students who earn a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Wisconsin offer a “Diploma Privilege” which allows their graduates to secure a license to practice law in Wisconsin without taking a bar examination.
  2. Mediator: A mediator can resolve any kind of dispute and many times provides a more efficient, cost-effective option to litigation. Typically, states require mediators to have at least a bachelor’s degree, there are exceptions. For example, in Pennsylvania, there are currently no national or statewide organization that certifies or licenses mediators. Individual courts in Pennsylvania establish their own criteria for mediators. If you are interested in becoming a mediator, it would be beneficial to identify a field of practice such as small claims or custody and divorce.
  3. Private Investigator: There are five states that do not require a private investigator to have a license: Alaska & Idaho (some cities in these states do have licensing requirements), Mississippi, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Though many states do not require a college degree, they do require specific educational requirements. privateinvestigatoredu.org


II. Learn a Language or Teach One…

  1. Benefits of Learning a Second Language: A recent published study entitled, “Does Bilingualism Protect Against Dementia? A Meta-analysis” determined that yes, learning another language can delay the onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. news.las.iastate.edu

Do you need additional motivation to learn another language?

The University of the Potomac published an article “9 Benefits of Learning a Second Language” and listed the following: 1) It Stimulates Your Brain, 2) It Improves Your Attention Span, 3) More Career Options to Choose From, 4) It Boosts Your Creativity, 5) It Improves Your First Language, 6) You Build Multitasking Skills, 7) It Slows Down Cognitive Decline, 8) It Improves Your Memory, and 9) It Boosts Your Self-Esteem. news.las.iastate.edu

Here are several free language learning applications: lifewire.com

  1. Benefits of Teaching a Language: If English is the only language you speak, no worries! There are companies that let you teach English Online Without a Degree and get paid. internationalteflacademy.com


III. Improve Your Health and the Health of Others: Did you know that there are 42 individual muscles in the face? I did not learn this until I enrolled in a 5-month Face Yoga Teacher Certification Course. Not only did I learn how to maintain a youthful appearance, but I also now had a tool to share with stroke patients and those with Bell’s palsy, a series of facial exercises to help them regain facial movements and symmetry.

I also became certified in a basic online mini trampoline training because of the numerous positive effects on the entire body. Bouncing on the trampoline not only strengthens the cardiovascular system and all the muscles. I encourage finding one or more virtual exercise buddies as a wonderful way to keep in touch and to stay on track with our health accountability goals!

Step out of your comfort zone in 2022…for the FUN of it and bask in the joy of being of service to yourself and others!


~Happy New Year~

Karen Felecia Nance


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