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Focus on Women Magazine is the most relevant, engaging and interesting magazine to hit the newsstands. They understand women’s lives and their need to balance caring for a family, succeeding in the highly competitive business world and offering up their strengths to make a difference through nonprofits or community organizations.
They know that women want to succeed both personally and professionally while also often tending to the world’s struggles and greatest social and economic problems. The magazine reinforces that women should not settle and should always strive to excel and enhance every aspect of their lives with courage and conviction. They also should never forget their best feature which they should never leave home without, a smile.

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Publisher Statement

Have we turned into a world of Faustian bargainers?

We owe German folklore that teaches a moral lesson of what to give up and what to keep, which many of us are confronted with in our daily lives.  According to the legend, Faustus makes a pact with an evil spirit named, Mephistopheles, Mephisto or Satan in exchange for a moral compass rife with spiritual importance, and personal values for material gain.  This benefit can be in the form of  material riches,  validation and admiration from others, status or knowledge of which is unattainable. This pact is woefully regrettable, because what is given up is priceless compared to what is received in the bargain. This legend begs  powerful questions:  What priceless things have we given up in exchange for some things that we eventually learned were of less value? Was it time with friends and family? Were they connections with others as we climbed the endless road to ambition and were trying to define ourselves socially or professionally, or was it giving in to emotions that never served us well that has led us to pathways of regret?


To our readers, writers and supporters, what things have we given up that were of greater value than those things that we have received? Can we and will we make better exchanges for our time, relationships and contributions to the world around us? May the summer bring you peace and solace.


” A Bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist.”


All the best,

Joslyn Wolfe
Publisher, Focus on Women Magazine