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October/November 2020

Global Goodwill Ambassador Award - Joslyn

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Baltimore Fishbowl Baltimost Feature:Susan Clayton, inventor of WhitePaws RunMitts

NAFTA Pros & Cons

Economist Dr Barbara Libby discusses NAFTA.

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The Power of Memory with Dr. Tracy Alloway - JOSLYN WOLFE

Publisher Joslyn Wolfe

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A Look Inside the World of Law with Farin Powell - JOSLYN WOLFE

Farin Powell practices law in Washington, D.C. In addition to many legal publications, she has published short stories and poems in various literary magazines and poetry anthologies. She is the author of the book of poetry A...

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Community Love with Gail Lee

Gail Lee is recognized as a fund development executive in the state of Maryland. She is currently, the Development Director for The Children's Home, a long and short-term residential group home for at-risk youth ages 13-21. As their...

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Let's Have a Discussion! Intimate Partner Violence

Join us as we cover the sensitive topic of Intimate Partner Violence and what solutions are necessary in order for things to change. As we celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we welcome Dr. Oliver Williams and Mildred...

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Get Motivated! With Ciara Hosein - JOSLYN WOLFE

Ciara Hosein is a graduate of Bowie State University who has obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and Law. She is currently taking courses with Harvard University School of Divinity...

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In the Bliss with Moneek Sawyer - JOSLYN WOLFE

Publisher Joslyn Wolfe

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Serenity with Tangina Ann - JOSLYN WOLFE

Publisher Joslyn Wolfe

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More Community Love with Author Beverly Smith

Beverly F. Smith-Brown is a Native Washingtonian born and raised in a single parent home on the Southeast Side of the city. Being the youngest of nine children growing up in the 80's was very interesting to say the least. Before...

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Bird's eye view from the office of Public Policy Partners

Special Edition March 16, 2020

Today, Governor Hogan announced an executive order to shut down all bars, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, as well as all gatherings of 50 or more people. Grocery stores and carry out/delivery will be allowed to stay open. He also announced allowing out-of-state licensed health care practitioners to provide services to people in Maryland. The Governor is prohibiting evictions and utility shut-offs. Certain schools will continue to serve breakfast and lunch to students.
Yesterday, the Senate President and House Speaker announced that the Session will end on Wednesday, allowing them to finish up priority work, including passing the FY 2021 budget. They also indicated they will return in late May in a special session to address any additional work needed at that time.
Public Policy Partners will continue to keep you up to date on news from Annapolis. As long as the legislature is in Session, we will be here.

Olney Theater PR

Susanne Seymoure

What motivated me to write the book was an absolute calling, or strong sense of responsibility that I needed to share an experience of such great magnitude and magnificence. The motivation was to add more light in such fragmented times with a story that has always inspired, refreshed and renewed my heart. I wrote very . . . .
Author Susanne Seymoure

The Intersection of Global Health
and Diplomacy

For the past 60 years, Meridian has worked to facilitate collaboration across sectors on a number of key issues, including global health. We recognize that our country and the world is facing unprecedented shared challenges and uncertainty at this time. As Meridian closely monitors the COVID-19 situation, we are taking measures to ensure the well-being of our staff, program participants and community so we can serve as a responsible global partner in an effort to contain the spread of the pandemic. Over the last several years, Meridian has organized a variety of global health programs focused on the private-public sector collaboration needed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every citizen around the world. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams came to Meridian to brief foreign diplomats about the complexities in the U.S. healthcare system and combatting the opioid crisis. Meanwhile, pediatric medical professionals from Russia traveled to the U.S. on an international exchange to learn best practices in palliative care for seriously ill children and hear about the delivery of high-quality care at the non-hospital level. Read more on Meridian's global health work here


Women's History Month
Spurs International Collaboration

Through diplomacy, art, international exchange and more, women have unquestionably shaped the world we live in today and continue to serve as trailblazers for future generations. To celebrate Women's History Month in the United States, Meridian brought together women leaders from around the world to collaborate on key global issues and exchange ideas on the continued advancement of women's equality. Meridian welcomed former and current women ambassadors for a celebration and discussion on how technological innovation, geopolitics and other factors are reshaping diplomats’ approach to their work. Additionally, Meridian facilitated meetings and trainings for distinguished honorees of the International Women of Courage Award, and Meridian House hosted the 'Women Who Dared' art exhibition that featured a conversation with Sandi Nicholson, Chris Bedford, Shantell Martin and CNN's Ana Cabrera on role of artists in the global fight for women's equality. Read more about Meridian's extensive work in empowering women and girls here


60 Years of Meridian
Chronicled in New History Book

Six decades ago Meridian was founded with the vision that greater understanding and collaboration between the United States and the world leads to a more secure and prosperous shared future for all nations. Today the two historic homes that make up Meridian's campus, Meridian House and White-Meyer House, continue to advance this vision by welcoming thousands of global leaders through our doors each year. To commemorate Meridian's 60th anniversary, we self-published the book "Grounds of Diplomacy: A History, A Place, A Mission" and launched it at Meridian’s 60th Anniversary Celebration on February 27. As the only publication to memorialize our history through over a century’s worth of compelling photographs and imagery, the beautiful 200-page book celebrates Meridian’s work in the exchanges of global leaders, ideas and culture. See photos from Meridian's elegant 60th anniversary celebration, or buy the history book here.


Check out our upcoming events 

In light of the current global situation, Meridian has postponed in-person programs and is actively developing virtual convening opportunities to continue serving as a platform for government, business and diplomatic leaders to gain insight, exchange ideas and collaborate on the challenges we are facing around COVID-19 and other global issues. We encourage you follow our updates by connecting with us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

Support diplomacy, support Meridian

Support Meridian and join our network of business, civic and cultural leaders strengthening engagement between the United States and the world. Click here for more information or contact merdevelopment@meridian.org.

In case you missed it

Focus on Women of History

Empress Theodora:
Origins of Women's Rights

By Douglas A. Burton

There are many currents that flow into the story of women's rights. Many cultures from early Judaism to Ancient Greece are recognized for their egalitarian traditions, and we have countless examples of great women in power—from Pharaoh Hatsheput to Queen Victoria to Eleanor Roosevelt. But one woman—Empress Theodora— achieved such a decisive victory for women in her time that her relative obscurity is astounding. More than fifteen hundred years ago, Empress Theodora helped influence sweeping legal reforms known as the Corpus Juris Civilis, which included a wave of specific rights for women. Historians credit this body of Roman law as providing some foundational groundwork to the Western legal tradition. Therefore, Empress Theodora made direct contributions to a legal codex that influenced the American Constitution, English common law, and even modern international public law. So, who is Empress Theodora? Abandoned by most Western thinkers throughout the centuries, Empress Theodora came off as a salacious novelty, a Medieval prostitute-stripper who made it to the top through a lucky marriage. The scandalous gossip of her past, which is handed down to us by a single male source, no doubt stirred the imaginations of Western historians for centuries. However, as a prostitute, Theodora was part of an institutional system that marginalized women to an extreme. Unlike today, professional outlets for women were severely restrictive. A large number of women worked in theaters and brothels. So, although this professional class of women carried a huge social stigma, their industry was one of the few places where women worked publicly outside the traditional family structure and earned real income. A certain law, though, prevented prostitutes from marrying a man of rank. Such a rigid class system was characteristic of a Roman world view that regarded rank as self-evident. Secondly, even under the Christian perspective, prostitution was regarded as immoral and sinful. Therefore, when Theodora helped to facilitate the removal of the marriage ban, she did so without the support of either the secular or religious tradition. Her personal world view alone seems to have guided the legal reform. Empress Theodora's perspective was necessary for addressing women's rights at the time because she had firsthand knowledge and experience about the reality for women. Also, under Empress Theodora, rape was made punishable by death. This law extended to anyone present during the rape, regardless of position or rank, and the rapist's property was even transferred to the rape victim. The male-dominated bureaucracy of the Byzantine Empire had little interest in addressing such issues. But Theodora dared to speak out about specific issues. But more importantly, she insisted on designing real-world solutions, defined in legal terms, to fix the problems she knew existed. Our culture is taking a second look at history and rediscovering the many contributions of women throughout the ages. I believe that Theodora deserves to take her place among the Pantheon of our greatest women in history.

Douglas A. Burton's award-winning novel, 'Far Away Bird,' which details Theodora's early life, is available in paperback. For the full article on Empress Theodora, please visit douglasaburton.com.


Faithful as She Fades

A Memoir of Love and Dementia

By Robert Fischbach

The first person account of the author's heart breaking journey as caregiver to his beloved wife throughout her relentless battle with Frontal Temporal Dementia. It takes her speech, personality, and essence.

Fischbach takes the reader on a heartfelt, emotional, sometimes funny and always moving journey. This book is an insider's look into one of the most terrible illnesses with which a person can be afflicted. A testament to the power of love.

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY—Your worst fears becomes reality, your coping strengths, values, and priorities are tested to their limits. This book serves first as a catharsis for the author, getting all his inner feelings, memories, out of his being. Secondly, to hopefully help other caretakers who currently are or might find themselves facing the unthinkable. Helping to give them the knowledge of what decisions must be faced and made, as they go down this horrific road.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Raised in a working class family, Robert Fischbach went to college in Cincinnati and resettled in Atlanta, where he lives today with his family. He was taught by his father, who was his best friend, to work hard, possess toughness, ethics, honesty, and fairness. He started and helmed his own real estate business.


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Chronic Pain Research

Petition Design

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35th Annual Distinguished Women's Award Celebration
Girl Scouts Celebrates 35 Years of Honoring Distinguished Women Leaders
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Focus on Women Magazine prides itself as a supporter of the Focus on Women Magazine Afghan Craft Project.

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May we raise them."

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Joslyn Wolfe - Publisher

Changing the Battleground

The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground, but picks it up into the sky and changes the battleground, then releases it into the air. The snake has no power or balance in the air when it becomes off-balanced or weakened, unlike its deadly power it has when it is on the ground. As human beings, what battles can we change the terms of engagement that leaves us less vulnerable and less fortified? Can it be our thinking towards others? Can it be our approach in our relationships with others? Can we change the rules of engagement by challenging long-held beliefs and perceptions? As we arrive at the precipice of the Autumn Season, what battle fields can we change? To our readers ,supporters and advertisers, what battles can we choose to win and how must we engage?

Happy Autumn

All the best,
Joslyn (Joslyn Wolfe, Publisher)

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