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Focus on Women Magazine is the most relevant, engaging and interesting magazine to hit the newsstands. They understand women’s lives and their need to balance caring for a family, succeeding in the highly competitive business world and offering up their strengths to make a difference through nonprofits or community organizations.
They know that women want to succeed both personally and professionally while also often tending to the world’s struggles and greatest social and economic problems. The magazine reinforces that women should not settle and should always strive to excel and enhance every aspect of their lives with courage and conviction. They also should never forget their best feature which they should never leave home without, a smile.

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January is Human Trafficking Month: What’s New With Blue?

President Biden has proclaimed that January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a time to bring attention to the crime of human trafficking.
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Narratives from domesticshelters.org

Basically I coped by trying to keep him happy so he wouldnt do these things to us...
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Spoken Truths of Domestic Violence by the Anonymous

We were both physically attracted to each other from the very beginning...
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Pfeffernusse Cookies

Pfeffernusse Cookies—This was my great grandfather’s recipe (Jacob Landwehrle). He was a baker in New York City, originally from Germany.
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Prince Harry narrated 2021 World AIDS Day video with Winnie Byanyiama, UNAIDS

To mark World AIDS Day 2021, our Co-Founding Patron, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex narrated a video with Winnie Byanyima...
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Happy Christmas and thank you from Sentebale

I want to thank all our supporters for their continued commitment to Sentebale over the last year. I know it has been a challenging time for many with Covid-19 testing our resilience, health and ability to go about our daily lives.
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Narcissists Trauma Bond You To Keep You Ensnared

Let’s talk today about the narcissist trauma bonds that keep you ensnared.
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WEBINAR - JANUARY 17TH, 2022 10:30-12PM EST
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January 18, 2022 AT 12PM PT/3PM ET
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Publisher Statement

The Eagle and The Snake

The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground, but picks it up into the sky and changes the battleground, then releases it into the air. The snake has no power or balance in the air when it becomes off-balanced or weakened, unlike its deadly power it has when it is on the ground. As human beings, what battles can we change the terms of engagement that leaves us less vulnerable and less fortified? Can it be our thinking towards others? Can it be our approach in our relationships with others? Can we change the rules of engagement by challenging long-held beliefs and perceptions? As we arrive at the precipice of the Autumn Season, what battle fields can we change? To our readers ,supporters and advertisers, what battles can we choose to win and how must we engage?


Joslyn Wolfe
Publisher, Focus on Women Magazine