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Susanne Seymour - Author of My Secrets from Heaven

Susanne Seymoure

My Secrets from Heaven - by Susanne Seymoure

My Secrets from Heaven - by Susanne Seymoure (2018) new

What motivated me to write the book was an absolute calling, or strong sense of responsibility that I needed to share an experience of such great magnitude and magnificence. The motivation was to add more light in such fragmented times with a story that has always inspired, refreshed and renewed my heart. I had been helping others greatly and realized by completely sharing in a book it was quicker and easier. I wrote very relatable as if we were having a cup of coffee together,

Obstacles are a part of life and I had plenty while writing. It took six years between work demands and being a mom to write in solitude. About two-weeks after I completed the manuscript, I was told I had had a massive heart attack called a widow maker. For a moment I wondered for the first time if I was not supposed to share the story. Soon to follow was emergency open heart surgery at Johns Hopkins hospital which blessed me with the most brilliant staff. They gave me faith in the medical profession. I can remember almost all their names, and with a wink they said we have to fix her so she can get this book out there. Another great obstacle was a promise, healing, getting well and fulfilling it.

As a child I had promised my mother not to share the story as a with others for fear it might be stressful to relive the event, and to protect me from unknown reactions from others. I honored my mother and later it shaped me to become a nurse. By keeping such an extraordinary secret of truth about who I was it became isolating and lonely. I never felt I was seen or comfortable to share my inner self. I encourage people to allow loved ones to speak to you about what they hold inside. It is a gift you can give another by a safe zone of listening without judgement.

My story may have a mild didactic value in the sense that it shares how I overcame challenges in many stages of a woman's life. From survival of war, bullying in school feeling alone, failed relationships, marriage, miscarriages, loss of loved ones and beyond I believe we all have stories that are human and vulnerable and when we share the truth, others will benefit.

The lessons I learned are we are all connected. We all have impact on each other and it spreads like a chain reactions. Our choices matter and impact others in daily life. All we ever take with us in the end is love. We need each other for a boost when we are hit very hard in life. When we shine our unique lights we create more beauty in dark fragmented times. I learned it is time to recognize the great strength of compassion. Life is a gift, and gifts are better when shared.

I have began another book and have ideas for more. My passions are endless but I have one in the works about how we can better relationships with communication.

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Bathing in a vast chamber of Egyptian art, culture, history and much wisdom, a certain concept bore significance: an end of life custom where the soul is lead to judgment to the Hall of Truth. At this juncture, before the God Osiris, the soul must recite forty-two negative confessions beginning with the prayer, "I have not learnt the things which are not..." In translation, according to the ancient Egyptians, our soul strives to devote itself to matters of lasting importance rather than those trivial matters that absorb vast amounts of precious time. Implicit in this belief is that in order to lead a life of meaning and purpose, we must detach from trivial matters that distract us from greater things. To our advertisers, readers and supporters, may you too continue a life-path of greater importance avoiding meanderings that lead us away from our true purpose to benefit ourselves, and the world and those around us.

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