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December / January 2019 - 2020

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Since our inception, in 2007, Focus on Women Magazine has provided information, support and resources to our readers through providing a venue of exposure. With a circulation of 70,000, we have created a broader platform of exposure for our contributors, readers, supporters through our pidcast, our unique ebookstore and through our outreach events including book signings and community and charitable events. When applicable, we have added our notable guest to be featured on a local television cable show. We have also celebrated oustanding women through Focus on Women Magazine's Women of Impact Gala. We also have celebrated our authors through The La Femme De Prose Books Donna Lynn Quill Awards Reception. Our contributors are also featured in our in print publication and online.

To our men, our women and all those who have joined our community, we enjoy you, we support you and we appreciate you.

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July/August - 2018 | May/June - 2018 | March/April - 2018 | January/February 2018

Highlights - Johns Hopkins Laboratory for Child Development, Dysregulation, Raising kids to be smart about money, Mad Mischief - by Susan St. John (AUTHOR), TEJA means for Mortgages, Baltimore Center Stage 2018/2019, Diana Morris on Lachesis, mandela Washington Fellows, Afghan Women�s Craft Project, SEX HAPPENS - by Carol Soloway (AUTHOR), Towson University Wellness Center, Baltimore Medical Center, 50 Plus Expo Howard County, Elinor Ostrom, Refugee Integration Debate, Woman Syndrome as a Defense for Murder, No Where to Turn - by Tangina Ann, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, Debate versus the reality of refugees in the US, Lucretia Mott, 2018�s Most Sinful States in America, Sojourner Truth, Hannah More, School funding formulas, Hildegard of Bingen, Abigail Adams, Clare Boothe Luce, Patty Ptak Kogutek (author), Women of Impact Gala 2018 - Karen Tupek daughter of Jackie Ronne, Administration�s Proposed Changes to Safety Net, Jackie Ronne, Robust Dicennial Census Benefits All Americans, Be Bold 2018 Airbnb, OLNEY THEATRE CENTER, Author AYN DILLARD, Baltimore Center Stage 2017/2018, Benefit NKF Serving Maryland and Delaware, EVERYMAN THEATRE Events, Donna Lynn Author, Domestic Violence, Urban.org


September/October - 2017 | July/August - 2017 | May / June - 2017 | March / April - 2017

Highlights - Puerto Rico�s Colonial Past, Fixing Poverty Over Generations, Lenders Provide Liquidity to Female Entrepreneurs With Business Grants, Children�s Home Presenting FACES 2017, Lawrence Howard & Associates, BLOCDV.ORG, The Children�s Home, NKF-MD Signature Event Teeing Off Sept. 15 at Greystone Golf Course, ECAN files petition, 4 Tips for Overcoming Life�s Most Traumatic Experience, National Kidney Foundation of Maryland, The forgotten side effects in the Marijuana discussion, Eliminate Reputation-Ruining Fiascos, Columbia Orchestra performs Bartok�s Bluebeard�s Castle on April 22, America�s Financial Investigator - Author Pamela Yellen, Women in Research Hires Michelle Andre as Managing Director, Maryland and the UK Trade & Investment Highlights, United Automobile Workers (UAW), National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Celebrates International Women�s Day, Robert Wilkins� Book Talk, Nafta Insights - by Dr. Barbara Libby


November / December - 2016 | May/June 2016 | February/March 2016

Highlights - OWL Highlights Potential of Women Entrepreneurs, New American Garden Exhibition, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Torch Talk - BBC Article, Cure Pancreatic Cancer, 2016 London Book Fair, MCVET, Cyber Secure Business, ECAN, Magic of Life Gala, Sentebale, Vein Restoration, Cancer, iQudo, Urban Institute


November / December - 2015 | Feb/Mar 2015 | May/June 2015 | July/August 2015 | September/October - 2015

Highlights - Holiday Gift Guide, Thanksgiving, Checkerboard Game of Life, Terrorist Attacks, Giovanni Gambino, Sicilian, International Day of the Girl 2015, Grammy Winner George Benson, AUTHOR - Dianne H. Lundy, Carol Graham, Roxanne J Derhodge, Author J Kat Renner, Quilted Stories Healing Voices, Author Terri Jackson, Expo for Women Veterans, LiveYourDream.org, Grammy Winner George Benson, Morehouse school of medicine Founder Dr. Louis w. Sullivan during 40th Anniversary celebration, Basignani, Breast cancer survivors, Self Sabotage by Stephanie Banks, Woman Behind the Badge, CECIL�s, ewaste, State�s Attorneys� Association, Rebuilding Health Infrastructure, Omega 3, Women of Impact Awards Gala, King Vs. Burrell, NAWBO, Women of Impact Awards Gala, OWL - The Voice of Women 40+, Maryland Womens Heritage Center - Winter Edition 2015, Novus Medical Detox Center CFO


Jan/Feb 2014 | Mar/Apr 2014 | May/June 2014 | Sep/Oct 2014 | Dec 2014/Jan 2015

Highlights - Maryland's Drug Policy, Department of Justice Grants for Youth, Generation Unbound, An Evening with Supreme Court Sonya Sotomayor, The Wise on Weiss, Lamborghini Italian Embassy Event, FOWM Patrons get Discount, ABA Honors UN Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Food Insecurity, Women's Fest 2014, Character Assassination, Cat Wisdom, Casey Cares 14th Annual Gala, NewYorl Fashion Show Event April 27th 2014, Everyman Theatre, Girl Scouts, Carey Law School: Top Health Care Law Program, The Hustle, Columbia Pharmacy, Johns Hopkins University, I Survived So Can You, Aquajogger, heat Holders, China Red Novel, University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation Inc, Basignani Winery, Maryland Wine Press, National Medical Association, Baylor University, IUPUI, Build Haiti Foundation Event 2014


Jan/Feb 2013 | Mar/Apr 2013 | May/Jun 2013 | Jul/Aug 2013 | Sep/Oct 2013 | Nov/Dec 2013

Highlights - Syrian Women Targets of Rape, Fuel Peace Within Through Spiritual Artwork, Navigating the Holidays, Walk and Talk Therapy, Whole Food Guide to Breast Cancer Survivors, Authors Talk - Ward Jone and Cheryl Villao, Walk and Talk Therapy, State by State Data: How the Health Care Law Benefits You, Sizzling at Seventy, Shire Announces Award Recipients for 2013 US ADHD Scholarship Program, Don't Just Give Yours Stuff Away, 3rd Annual Athena Film Festival by Women, I-20 Sex Trafficking Corridor


Jan/Feb 2012 |  Mar/Apr 2012 |  Jun/July 2012 |  Aug/Sept 2012 |  Nov/Dec 2012

Highlights - Refusing to Be Held Down, The Single Gal's Guide to Valentine's Day, Girls Scouts Commemorate 100 Years, Life at 180 Miles an Hour


Jan/Feb 2011 |  Mar/Apr 2011 | May/Jun 2011 | Jul/Aug 2011 | Sep/Oct 2011 | Nov/Dec 2011

Highlights - Scams That Target Veterans and Military Personnel, Maryland's Own Shark Lady, Roaming the Woods, The Mommy Trap, The Good Old Days Not as Good for Women, What are You Eating, What's Eating |You?, Exploring the Roots of Prejeudice


Jan/Feb 2010 |  Mar/Apr 2010 |  Jul/Aug 2010 |  Sep/Oct 2010 |  Nov/Dec 2010

Highlights - Simplify Life, Baltimore, Self Control is Contagious, New Year's Resolutions That Work, Women in Science and Technology, If You Paid Overdraft Fees to Bank of America


Jan/Feb 2009 |  Mar/Apr 2009 |  May/Jun 2009 |  Jul/Aug 2009 |  Sep/Oct 2009 |  Nov/Dec 2009

Highlights - Pulic Healthcare Opiton Is Essential, Lies About HR 3200, Unsung Heroines of Maryland, Pauline Menes, Sowing the Seeds of Authentic Appreciation


Joslyn Wolfe - Publisher

When illusions are abound, discernment is our greatest ally. From Social Media. to cable news sources, to self-serving messengers, and from as Shakespeare puts it, statements from those who feed us half-truths that lead us to our harm. All can be ingredients that make up a main course of gluttonous information stemming from sources of dubious intent. In the absence of critical thinking, we may find ourselves in a self-imposed eclipse of misinformation. In essence, to be well informed, and armed with truth, it behooves us to question the maelstrom of information that surrounds us, take time to examine the motives of the source and look beyond the facade of appearances to probe deeper to determine facts from fiction. It is through these means that we are empowered to make informed decisions to improve the quality of our lives, our community and our world.

"Fair is foul and foul is fair." -- William Shakespeare

Happy Summer,

All the best,
Joslyn (Joslyn Wolfe, Publisher)

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