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What motivated you to enter this field?

academic background 

I have a degree in political science and international relations, specialising in diplomacy
I also have a degree in international law, international trade and sociology

I am passionate about neuroscience, psychology and human resources, which I teach in business school.
professional background
I am a consultant in change management, helping you to manage and coordinate your communication and training actions in order to support your teams during transformations. I am also a trainer in Human Resources Management in business schools.
With more than 10 years of experience in strategic analysis and economic intelligence, I decided in 2019 to found my own firm: MY BEST COACHING, with the objective of helping you develop your personal and professional potential.
I am a certified NLP leadership coach and public speaker (DR BANDLER UK – ICF SUISSE – JOHN MAXWELL USA)
I use neuroscience techniques to help you achieve your goals. I work with you, the mind, the motivation and the passage to action.

My strengths:

  •  I bring expertise and multiple and evolving answers
  • my adaptation to different situations allows me to anticipate.
  • my efficient and effective communication saves you time, energy and money
  • on this last element, rightly considered as the sinews of war, I provide my clients with a virtuous network, which masters the art of networking in a winning collective spirit
  • my area of influence is the MENA region, where I master the social, political and economic codes

By choosing me to support your organization, or by accompanying you as an individual, you ensure a work to the standards because I remain in strategic watch of the frameworks: legal and political on the targeted markets and on the debated societal topics. I can do it for you in 3 main languages: Arabic, English and French.
I have been teaching for several years and successfully applying an inclusive pedagogy with innovative techniques such as mind-mapping, sketchnoting, optimized reading, memorization. These techniques are available to you at any age, whether you come from the French or international education system. Thanks to my techniques, you will also be able to make a success of your oral presentation or your public speaking as a university student, researcher, project leader or strat-up creator
My qualities are: sense of duty, leadership, positive mindset, assertiveness, ethics, deontology, confidentiality, discretion, honesty, efficiency and commitment.

Who is your role model and why?

my father- he taught me everything about life and humanity.

What is your greatest accomplishments?

i assisted in the construction of schools during humanitarian travels to allow young girls to have an access to knowledge and instruction

Who are the people you admire the most?

the hidden workers that do so much for us in a silence, like cleaners and garbage men; the person who works a lot but doesn’t earn a lot but keeps the faith and spreads happiness in their circle

What are the things that bring  you joy?

nature in peace- it makes me cry.
animals in the sea, because of their strength and kindness toward humans.
Thank you so much. regards Malak