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Musu Bangura (AUTHOR) - The Next Time I Leave ( + ) ( 2018 )

"With Focus on Women Magazine, I had my first opportunity to publish my voice on Intimate Partner Violence against women. From that time, I've become a published author and a reliable advocate for Wellness in terms of work-life balance for women. The connections and partnerships I have made remain invaluable, and the opportunities continue to make their way towards me. Being able to speak from a platform that is strongly connected to the community has made a world of difference for me and my passion for emotional health in women."

Thank you so much.

Patty Kogutek, Ed. D. (AUTHOR) - Don�t miss this bi-monthy publication ( + ) ( 2018 )

�Don�t look any further than �Focus On Women Magazine� (focusonwormengagazine.net) for an excellent resource for women. This website is a wealth of information, including books and articles, on a variety of subjects for women, no matter what stage of life. The wide variety of subjects support women in both business and personal appeal. The website is well organized and easy to use. Don�t miss this bi-monthy publication."

Patty Kogutek (Author - A Change of Habit)
Patty Kogutek, Ed. D.

Ayn Dillard (AUTHOR) - DADDY THROWS ME IN THE AIR ( + ) ( 2018 )

"I am pleased to have my book DADDY THROWS ME IN THE AIR - memoir/self-help - in Focus On Women Magazine - it allows me to market my book at top dollar." -
Ayn Dillard

Tangina Ann (AUTHOR) - The Rise Of The Black Horse Rider ( + ) ( 2018 )

Dear Focus on Women Magazine Reader,
Mid-summer of 2016 I was contacted by Joslyn Wolfe and she offered to advertise and feature my book The Search for Serenity for sale on her website, she did exactly what she said she would do and She invited me to the Gala in Oct of 2017. Where I received an award at the reception the night before the Gala and the people there were friendly and everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves * I for one had a blast. I was invited back in two years. La Femme De Prose Books gave me a voice and a forum for feeling confident enough to bring my book to the next level.

Focus on Women Magazine, You Guys Rock!

Tangina Ann (Author - The Rise Of The Black Horse Rider)
Best Regards,
Tangina Ann

Robin Coleman - at The Women of Impact Gala ( + ) ( 2018 )

Hello Joslyn,
I hope this email finds you well.
I just wanted to tell you it's been a honor being part of Focus on Women Magazine. Being regonized at The Women of Impact Gala and connecting with an amazing group has been a blessing. Since our trip to Baltimore, MD, I have had the opportunity to attend several book festivals, volunteer and partner with organization furthering my books message, "love yourself and be unapologetically confident".
Thank you for everything.

Robin Coleman

Author Rocky Krogfoss (Men, Sex and Food - Why Hearing A Woman Can Lead To A Deeper Love) ( + ) ( 2017 )

As my book came near to completion, I met Joslyn Wolfe of "Focus On Women Magazine." She has an eBookStore sales page that allows her organization to produce revenue to finance women's projects and education. Although it does cost some money to join, I found that getting exposure and sales through her eBookStore provided me with the much needed exposure and confidence that my message had value and meaning to the women who bought my book. That was its original intent. Joslyn gave me an opportunity to sell my book in a widely dominated female authored market, and I cannot thank her enough. Her passion and devotion to women's issues, nationally in the USA and around the world is exemplary. A small percentage of sales did go to helping women in Afghanistan. If you have a book you want to get out to a female market in particular, I recommend you contact Joslyn and ask her to explain what she can do for you. You will find her to be very friendly and very astute on the book marketing process and how your book can be sold on her site.
FOCUS ON WOMEN MAGAZINE - (Joslyn Wolfe, Publisher)

The book I have been talking about is called "Men, Sex and Food - Why Hearing A Woman Can Lead To A Deeper Love" was designed to be read by men to educate them and teach them a very important skill. Precious few men have this skill called listening, and lack critical tools to understand what a woman REALLY needs from them to generate heart to heart connections. The book presents a process that teaches men how to hear a woman without ignoring her or fixing her. It opens up a very simple possibility to create a highly amplified intimate connection that covers the gamut of experiences around intimacy. It also provides a real life story of what happens when a man understands that a woman DOES NOT need you to fix her, but instead acknowledge, value and be present for her needs and desires with thoughtful listening skills. It is the gateway to REAL LOVE in relationship.
I am very pleased to say that through the efforts of a new friend I met on a radio show I was a guest on a few months ago, my book will be on book store shelves soon.

Rocky Krogenfuss (Author)

Pretty Painted Picture...Little Girl Lost - Cheryl Lynn ( + ) ( 2016 )

Graciously, Joslyn Wolfe, the publisher of Focus On Women Magazine featured an article based on my memoir "Pretty Painted Picture...Little Girl Lost" that dealt with the sensitive topics of my father's tragic suicide, childhood abuse, and my own struggle with mental illness in the September/October 2013 issue. The sales of my memoir increased by over 50% and have sold religiously ever since joining forces with this amazing magazine and its wonderful publisher, Joslyn. Joslyn is a wonderful, compassionate, dedicated, and one of the most caring people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My memoir is available on her Ebook website. The cost to have it published there was extremely reasonable. Joslyn's magazine does not just focus on the livelihood, health, mental health inspiration, quality of life that women deserve, and many other vital topics but her magazine also funds many foundations that are near and dear to her unconditional, loving heart. Joslyn is very dedicated and passionate about her advocacy for women all over the world. Her magazine has tremendously helped my memoir reach many people and support my advocacy of mental health awareness and suicide awareness and prevention. She is a wonderful publisher, mother, friend, and advocate. I am so thankful that I met her and our lives crossed paths.

Cheryl Lynn (Author - Pretty Painted Picture...Little Girl Lost)Cheryl Lynn
Author of : "Pretty Painted Picture...Little Girl Lost"
(ebookstore - page 6)

MANipulated Into Fear - by Marvela Dawnay ( + ) ( 2016 )

MANipulated Into Fear was written with the intent to help others. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have my book advertised and sold on Focus On Women Magazine's La Femme De Prose eBookstore. Focus On Women Magazine focuses on women by informative and educational articles. They not only help me as an author but they reach out and give back to women in Afghanistan with each sale of my book. This has allowed me to help others by them reading my book and also generate a percentage of the sale of my book to give to the Afghanistan women who are in dire need.

Author of : "MANipulated Into Fear - by Marvela Dawnay"

Her Demise - by Aliah Uddin ( + ) ( 2016 )

Her Demise gives readers an inside look into an abusive relationship, the signs at the beginning, and how both parties are affected by domestic violence. Being a first time writer, I never expected to reach such a broad audience, and feel honored to have Her Demise placed in Focus on Women Magazine's La Femme De Prose Bookstore. It was surprising and exciting to have readers take such an interest and to have received a royalty check within 45 days.

Aliah Uddin
Author of : "Her Demise"

Tested to the Limit - by Consolee Nishimwe ( + ) ( 2015 )

I am so happy of the amount of copies of my e book that was sold by Focus on Women Magazine within 40 days of it becoming available on their website. Every book sold represents a contribution towards women who have been raped, mutilated and set on fire.

Consolee Nishimwe
Author of : "Tested to the Limit".

Memories of My Parents - by Amy Madge ( + ) ( 2013 )

Memories of My Parents was networked to La Femme De Prose eBookstore. With the help of Focus on Women Magazine. As a result, I saw sales increase in the first week. I am and will be forever grateful to Joslyn,her magazine and La Femme De Prose Bookstore for helping me get my book and its message out to the world.

Amy Madge
Author of : "Memories of My Parents"

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Robin Coleman at The Women of Impact Gala

Robin Coleman in
The Women of Impact Gala, of Focus on Women Magazine
  Afghan Women's Fund

Focus on Women Magazine prides itself in helping women causes. The Afghan Women's Fund
is one of those organizations, of which we help by supporting their Shuras, female crafting groups. We wanted to invite you to take a look of one of the causes of which we support.
Report from Afghanistan - NEWSLETTER 2015 (pdf)

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Through My Daughters Eyes By Julia Dye
Through My Daughters Eyes By Julia Dye new

Anger is Okay Violence is Not By Julia Frederico
Anger is Okay Violence is Not By Julia Frederico new

Soft Cover
Daddy Throws Me In the Air - by Ayn dillard
Daddy Throws Me In the Air - by Ayn dillard (2018) new

Soft Cover/ebook
Finding Jill - by Jill Kraft Thompson
Finding Jill - by Jill Kraft Thompson

Transplanted Faith By Laure Hern
Transplanted Faith By Laura Hern (2018) new

Mad Mischief - by Susan St. John
Mad Mischief - by Susan St. John (ebook) (2018) new

Soft Cover/ebook
Life in a Box, a novel - by Jodee Neathery
Life in a Box - by Jodee Neathery (2018) new

Soft Cover/ebook
The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk - by Shelly Beach
The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk - by Shelly Beach (2018) new
Soft Cover/ebook
Gate to Life - by Latresa Rice
Gate to Life - by Latresa Rice (2018) new

Soft Cover/ebook
Sex Happens - by Carol Soloway
Sex Happens - by Carol Soloway (2018) new

Soft Cover/ebook
Lachesis Allotment - by Diana R.A. Morris
Lachesis Allotment - by Diana R.A. Morris (2018) new

Soft Cover/ebook

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