You are the Answer to healing yourself and your world

Todays shifting, fear-filled and speeding times call for an attitude adjustment. The answer is so simple too.

Lately I am aware of even Spiritually minded people getting stuck in the mire of their past stories and fear of the future. Little or no attention in the now moment.

We are here to help each other, so I asked Spirit about my own attitude and my need to be in a different frame of mind a few months ago.

Miracles happened gradually.

In the Fall of 2014, I was awakened in the night with a cartoon character in my mind. I saw her clearly and was guided in how she was to look. I put her on paper the next day. I was given her name and a song that brought a smile to my face. Her name is, Joylene Joy. She is so happy and so joyous about everything and anything.

Here's her image...

Joylene Joy - Name by Pats Patters

Joylene has changed my life. I began to set a daily intent first thing every morning that has changed my entire life.

I am sharing this with you so that you too can be in joy every day.

Can it be as simple as setting intent? Yes indeed as simple and as quirky as this may sound, it is as simple as changing your mind and attitude. But there is a way to do this that works.

Positive thinking never worked for me, it felt too phony and unbelievable, I couldn't feel its truth. Having a mantra did work up to a point. Mantras come in handy when I became afraid or needed guidance.

A mantra, such as, "I have your back, there is nothing to fear, I am with you." Was immensely helpful when I didn't know where to turn or what to do. Joylene brought me more than just a mantra for the moment. She gave me a boost for the entire day.

I would awaken each morning with her song in my head. I would use her song as I turned the shower on so the mood and the energy boost that came with her joy was linked with something I did every morning.

The song was from the show called Oklahoma the tune was the same but the words were different.

"Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, something miraculous and awesome is happening for me today. The crooked is made straight, all problems are solved, I'm lifted up above and all because I am loved, Oh what a beautiful morning, this is an awesome day today."

I noticed myself looking for things to be joyous about. The first thing of course is water, and hot water at that. I thanked the water, how good it feels and how I appreciate it being in my life..and then breath, if you have ever been held under water and then released when you think you are going to drown you will know how grateful we all need to be for breath. Where did breath come from? Not your mother, or the doctor or from you. It was God breathing you. You have life because of God-given breath.

Joy continued all day, as I began looking for miracles I had over looked or took for granted.

My life took on a new glow of joy. Things and people came and went and brought miraculous events and feelings with them. Problems began to evaporate not only for me but everyone connect to me.

I thought at first that this couldn't last, it was too wonderful, too miraculous, alas it has been tested daily and daily I am amazed at the change this one thing has brought me.

The choice and intent to be joyous is thrilling, and it gets better every day.

Spirit'says: This is your natural state of being. Joy is a natural way of being loved and giving love and the gift of making the choice is all you need.

It is my desire for all of my children that they take their eyes of the negatives in their world and focus on the joy and love they have. Because you are a vibration, you are changing not only your own environment but your energy is expanding to include all of the planet. Joy is the healing elixir for your world.

WEBSITE: www.pinterest.com/patkam4 , FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pat.kammer
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