Why We Self Sabotage and What We Can Do About It

Steph: Thank you wonderful universe for all that you share. There is an abundance of wisdom and a wealth of knowledge available to us at all times, all we need to do is be available to receive. Today I would like to ask for some insight on why we tend to self-sabotage out of fear of the unknown and how we can overcome this? Thank you

Stephanie Banks
Stephanie Banks

Solomon: Fears are all around us, you must not dodge them. You must face them with enthusiasm and loving kindness. This is true for all aspects of your being.

Fear. Fear is capable of many things. First and foremost, fear represents ego. What does ego need more than anything else? It needs praise, acceptance and acknowledgment. Without these things ego loses steam. The ego knows when this is happening and fights back with a vengeance. It begins to create stories, usually visual stories with negative outcomes. These types of stories tend to gain more credibility from the person as a whole, the being inhabiting that ego; hence fear is sustained by perpetuating these stories.

May I say this before continuing, all ego's function in the same fashion. They are a human creation, created as part of the process in which the collective chose to experience life in this current manner. It is ego that sabotages wonderful ideas and squashes dreams.

Women and Men are the same in this regard. What separates and distinguishes women from men in this sense are belief systems that have become engrained in certain cultures around the globe.

Then of coarse there will be recognizable differences in how self-sabotaging surfaces from one woman to the next. Again, what distinguishes one from another are belief systems that need to be looked at and scrutinized. All belief systems have been adopted from somewhere. You do not have one belief system in you, no one does; that has not been influenced by someone or something at sometime.

Ask yourself this question. Why am I afraid and who am I afraid of? You may need to ponder this a bit, but try to refrain from thinking too much. Write down the first few words that come to mind and then begin to look deeper into each. Often time's fear of failure is right at the top.

Failure of what May I ask? Failure to be yourself which is a perfect learning creature created by the same source as all other creation? If creation created you to fail then creation created everyone else to fail.

Do you see? You are a part of existence in your own unique perfect way. Go about your projects and adventures with the utmost respect and consideration for yourself and all others to the best of your abilities and you will always succeed in the way Humans expect themselves to.

To do this, one needs to refine their spiritual practice with diligence. This is the only way to move ego gently to the passenger seat.

Take time for yourself daily. Breathe. Drink water, lots of water, as it cleanses the physical body. Try to be mindful when consuming anything through any means. This includes your skin. Exercise. You all know what this means and how you choose to get it. Exercise should be enjoyable, if it is not, try something else. Life is not meant to be a chore.

Serotonin is released in the brain when doing and receiving acts of kindness. Serotonin brings long lasting happiness. Life is but a reflection of oneself. This one sentence may change how you choose to interact with the world around you.

Relax into your dreams and ambitions. Allow for creation to flow endlessly and effortlessly knowing that your creation will differ from all others because this is how it is. The key is to be okay with your differences and the differences of others.

Author for : A Soulful Awakening - by Stephanie Banks
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