When Women Saved the World

My dear old friend and spirit guide Josiah the Teacher offers the following words of praise and love for women. I can only add my personal heartfelt gratitude:

You ask of us which message we would chose to relate to women in particular at this time and it is such an interesting question that I could not resist this chance to respond. This is a very important time to be addressing issues of feminine energies. I am in awe of the bravery and perseverance of the souls who chose to occupy the earth in female forms as the evolution of all of mankind progressed from one age to another. I would like to express the deep love and appreciation of all who aid and guide the world for the role played by women in particular in the process of changing the world. With full understanding that each soul who took this journey of giving birth to a new world and a new future for all of mankind contributed her unique skills and experiences, the choice to do so in female form within a world of such overwhelmingly masculine energy was an act of extreme bravery, wisdom, and love.

New Ages and Other Wonders - by Marcella Martyn

Recall, if you will, that the beginning of the path of ascension from the old earth to the new earth began many earth years ago, before and during the period of the Second World War. Choices, sacrifices, and dreams of a generation of women disregarded and dismissed by society because of their gender did no less than save the world. You will recall that the transition from the old earth to the new earth was designed and prophesied as apocalyptic. The planned destruction, realignment, and restructuring, followed by a reseeding of the earth were well in keeping with the masculine energies predominant upon the earth.

On the brink of implementation of this process, as the age of nuclear warfare loomed upon humanity's horizon, it was the prayers and dreams of the feminine for grace that allowed for a new option for an unprecedented process of ascension. Faith in mankind's better nature, dreams of a world of opportunities for the sons and daughters of women, and a refusal to accept the status quo of man's inhumanity to each other drove all of the change that followed. It was the love of women for all of the children of the earth that inspired a renewal of the love of source for all that the earth fostered.

Without expectation of personal reward and with the knowledge and patience required for slow and often painful progress for themselves, the hearts of women called forth grace. They held firm and nurtured a dream of a better world and passed this dream to their daughters, who shared their strength and love, that the dream would not be lost or forsaken. The daughters endured in their sacred mission to heal the path of humanity.

The ancient civilizations held the mother and the grandmother in great reverence as the keepers of sacred ways and wisdom, before the balance of the earth energies shifted to masculine energies that led the world to the very brink of destruction. The new earth shall once again remember and honor the generations of women who loved a new world into existence. It is with great honor and pride that I add my expression of gratitude to all who carry feminine energy into the world and create the dream.

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