Unleashing Your Greatness Potential

By Lisa Dyble

Sleeping with the Enemy - by Lisa Dyble

I believe that within every woman lies the innate ability to be great. To me, being great means being yourself... to the power of 10. It means understanding and being totally comfortable with who you are. It means knowing what you want from life and having the courage and the confidence to go out and get it. It means tapping into your full potential in all aspects of your life and allowing the true you to shine forth with pride and dignity for all the world to appreciate.

Finding the courage and confidence to identify and pursue what you want can be difficult, particularly when you do not have the support of those who are close to you. Often these well-meaning folk are looking only to protect you from things they don't understand, forgetting in the process that it is your life and your right to live it on your terms. In these situations, standing your ground and proving them wrong can be a daunting task indeed.

To support women who are facing such issues, I have developed PositiveImpressions.ca, a site which encourages women to celebrate their individuality, define success on their own terms and find the courage to pursue their passions in their own way. The site includes detailed information about health and nutrition, personal fitness, personal development, personal style, and more. There is also a monthly blog which encourages women to recognize self-limiting thought patterns and challenges them to move beyond any self-imposed limitations they may have inadvertently set for themselves. The site's ultimate goal is to give women knowledge and tools that will allow them to make their own informed choices about what is right for them.

Positive Impressions is not about self-improvement, it is about self-empowerment, which is an entirely different animal. Self-empowerment is not about "fixing yourself" (as self-improvement implies), it is about understanding that while you are absolutely wonderful just the way you are, a few "tweaks" here and there could better ensure your life is as happy, complete and fulfilling as possible. Self-empowered people take responsibility for their own happiness and success by continuously tweaking their life to move it forward in the direction they want it to go.

In addition to Positive Impressions, I also celebrate and promote self-empowerment for women through my fictional writing. Sleeping with the Enemy, my first published work, is a modern day suspense romance about a feisty amnesiac who finds the courage to trust a mysterious stranger to protect her from the unknown assailant who wants her dead, as well as the strength and determination to face an uncertain future on her own terms, no matter what the cost. My current project chronicles how a street hardened, angry woman rediscovers her humanity with the help of her psychic cat, and uses the hard lessons she's learned to help those who are no longer able to help themselves.

Whatever your passions and goals in life, I encourage you to actively pursue them. Be yourself, but be all you can be. Anything else is selling yourself short.

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