Two African-American women survive tragedy in new murder mystery

A story of pain, endurance and success, "Gemini Jones: 'My Past Came Knocking' - The Savannah Wooten Case" is a rousing new mystery novel by Veronica Faye

GARY, Ind. - In "Gemini Jones: 'My Past Came Knocking' - The Savannah Wooten Case" (ISBN 1475142366), Veronica Faye pens a murder mystery that follows two women who find the strength to overcome their painful past. The novel's lead character, Gemini Jones, is a successful African-American attorney who manages a high-profile career while keeping her bipolar disorder in check. Her newest case revolves around the murder of David Ban, a politician widely beloved in the city's black community.

The client who brings the case to her is a woman she knows all too well: Savannah Wooten. Both women share a painful past together; Gemini and Savannah were able to overcome their traumatizing ordeals to arrive as successful, accomplished women. Yet the murder of Ban, the politician, will force them to relive the past and deal with secrets they long considered lost to time. To proceed with the legal case, both women will have to reveal painful secrets and uncover the real David Ban that the public never knew.

Full of sharp-witted humor and heart-breaking tragedy, "Gemini Jones" is an engrossing read. In the personality of power lawyer Gemini, author Faye has crafted a character that will be a role model for African-American women and an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to manage bipolar disorder while holding down a professional career. A story of pain, tragedy, endurance and success, the novel sends a powerful message of hope as told through the compelling story of two strong black women.

"Gemini Jones: 'My Past Came Knocking' - The Savannah Wooten Case" is a mystery that will lure readers with its message of overcoming adversity, its witty, tough characters and a plot that will get readers quickly turning pages.

"Gemini Jones: 'My Past Came Knocking' - The Savannah Wooten Case" is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:
Veronica Faye graduated from Indiana State University with a bachelor's in radio, television and film. She credits her biggest influences to writers Walter Mosley and Agatha Christie. Faye lives in Gary, IN with her son Branden and her two dogs, Kyrra and Kirby.

MEDIA CONTACT: Veronica F. McGill
E-mail: roniemac57@att.net
Phone: (219) 306-0722

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