The Upside of Unemployment

Employment: Post 2008 ME Inc. - By Thomas La Vecchia, MBA

Post 2008 the term "unemployment" became a hot button issue. Unemployment rates plummeted and people became frustrated for some sort of relief. The sad truth wasyou were lucky if you were even underemployed; working harder for less pay or working levels under your skill-set.

However as the population leveled out their shock and frustration, they sought prospective opportunities. From there, following 2008, trends began to emerge.

> Entrepreneurship
Many began their own companies out of lack of opportunity. "Leaders of small businesses launched during the Great Recession are dramatically different than those who launched their company prior to 2008," states a report entitled Accidental Entrepreneurs, "company founders started his or her small business out of pure necessity rather than lifelong dream of 'being their own boss"

> Independent Contractor 1099
As companies turned to hiring employees just to perform certain tasks, avoiding adding full-time employees,working as an independent contractor allowed many to work per diem for a few companies to make one manageable salary.

> Further Education/Training
Some went back to school for additional education and/or to redirect their skills to another more in-demand field.

As the employment rates begin to pick back up, the many who took part in the aforementioned trends now need to find their place in the job market again. Currently, new rules apply; the year of 2013 is the time of ME Inc.

Whether peopleshould continue with their own business venture, decide which company they want to be with full-time, or begin their new career with new or further credentials is now what is on everyone's mind.

This time should not be taken lightly. Coming off of a time where employment was scarce, people must leave behind distrust for the job market and see themselves as new commodities and decide their new fate.

Following what motivates you, as I call in my book, following your X Factor, will lead you to the correct choses going forward. Deciding which of the 4 motivating factors motivates you will help in your pursuit.

Following what motivates you, as I call in my book, following your X Factor, will lead you to the correct choses going forward. Deciding which of the 4 motivating factors motivates you will help in your pursuit.

  • > Process: Do you like the current process you are operating in? The hours, the day-to-day, etc. Does it fit into your routine or are you constantly fighting against the grain to your dismay to make things "work"?

  • > Product: If you are motivated by product than the job title and the company name are important to you. You may want to begin again seeking new full-time employment at the reputable companies and firms that you have not seen job opportunities for in the past.

  • > Price: Is it all about the money for you? Before you go ahead and say "Yes, obviously", really think if that is the most important factor. Did that new training you received not excite you but the prospects of income make it the best option? Are you truly okay with your new job being mostly or entirely about income?

  • > People: How do people factor into your current situation? Is your own business helping out the community or leading you to connect with people more so than in the past working from a cubicle? Do you like dealing with many people day-to-day or is it more an annoyance?

Truly thinking about what motivates you will be the best thing you could do for yourself in the time of ME Inc., it's all about you again and you have choices once more- so choose wisely to ensure a healthy and happy future of employment.

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