The Red-Haired Man

by Author - Marie Tapia

In nineteenth century France it is six in the morning at the mansion of Andre and Colette Broussard. Colette is in the kitchen helping the maid prepare breakfast for her three children, Eric, Julie, and Jon. Unlike most women of her station in society she takes an active part in raising her children. From playing sword fights to healing hurt feelings, Colette loves every minute with them for they are all she has to love.

To the casual observer it would appear Colette has everything: a successful husband, wonderful children, maids, and a beautiful home. However, Colette is painfully aware of a void in her life, which becomes larger with each passing day.

Passionate about many things in life, Colette awakens to the fact that passion and intimacy with her husband have slowly disappeared. Forever hoping there would be an occasion for it to return she dutifully takes her place in social gatherings and business dinners by the side of this man who barely seems to notice her anymore.

The Red-Haired Man - by Marie Tapia

The Red-Haired Man - by Marie Tapia (eBook)

Colette escapes inertia on outings to the center of Paris where she sits at a cafe table watching the world in which she wishes she were an integral part. A red-haired man passes by her table and notices her. She notices him.

Back home Colette's restless and creative spirit has been sparked. She asks her husband Andre for art lessons. She yearns for painting lessons, for the ability to paint life as it is lived, not just water color still life's.

These lessons seem inappropriate to Andre. Discussions turn to squabbles which turn to arguments. Colette is relentless in fighting for her newly discovered passion.

One day Andre acquiesces. Victory is Colette's.

Fearful yet ecstatic, Colette attends her first art lesson. Her art instructor is none other than the red-haired man. The quips after class foster a desire for Colette to know more of this instructor. Innocent at first, even naive on both their parts, an attraction begins.

During times of art lessons and tumultuous personal problems their bond only grows stronger while Colette and Andre grow farther apart.

Colette truly loves Vincent. Often private painting sessions are abandoned for time to express their love for one another.

Can a relationship last with bits and pieces of stolen time, irregular and uncertain at best?

How far can she go in a society with restrictions at every corner?

The constraints of nineteenth century France do not allow a woman to keep her children after a divorce. Could she bear to see her children live in that mansion without her? She is an integral part of their lives. They are growing up now. She has found an interest outside the home- art and her lover.

With mounting pressure on every aspect of her life and Vincent's, Colette makes a decision. But is it the right decision? Or will it haunt her forever?

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