The Pink Elephant ...in the Bedroom

by JulieAnn Engel

The Pink Elephant in the Bedroom - by JulieAnn Engel

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Genre: Health & Wellness

Every day millions of people tiptoe around the frustrating subject of herpes, most people have some degree of angst or upset about it, and still no one talks about it. It's the "Pink Elephant" in the Bedroom and its prevalence is considered epidemic with up to 95% of adults exposed to some form of herpes virus.

Influenced by her own struggle with the Epstein-Barr virus, far from settling for simply enduring any herpes virus, JulieAnn's goal is to make a difference for people who dare to believe in possibilities and step out to find them.

This book offers hope and empowerment, providing an oasis of information and practical ways to approach and manage herpes, including a natural and organic option that offers a powerful alternative to prescription medications, has no side effects, and helps boost your body's own natural immune response to lessen the effects of all viruses. The Pink Elephant in the Bedroom is about taking your power back, taking your life back, and living triumphantly!

The Pink Elephant in the Bedroom - by JulieAnn Engel
ISBN: 978-1-937801-43-4

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About the author
JulieAnn has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, medical marketing and integrative health practices. Her expertise is in helping people with chronic viral infections like herpes and hepatitis C, as well as, those with chronic pain, cancer, MS, Parkinson's disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.
More information on website: www.OrganicDefense.com
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