The Happiness Handbook - New Twist on Happiness

NASA engineer, author, rocker, serial entrepreneur & happy woman launches eye-opening book

Author Jenn Flaa - The Happiness Handbook

Author Jenn Flaa isn't your average successful woman entrepreneur - she's a satellite engineer who began her career working at NASA testing space flight hardware and software. She then started a few successful businesses and earned clients like eBay, Dell, Microsoft and the US Air Force. If that isn't unique enough, Jenn is also the lead vocalist for the rock band, Urban Fiction. So what qualifies Jenn to write a book about happiness? Well, she's happy for starters.

"I wasn't always happy," says Jenn. "I've been knocked around by life just like everyone else. But when I realized that the true key to happiness is so easy, I gradually became happier. It's not an overnight process, but it's simpler than most people realize."

The Happiness Handbook, a definitive guide to finding true joy and living your extraordinary life, is a short, casual read packed with universally relevant action steps. Readers learn key steps from author breakout Jenn Flaa's multi-year journey. She began her transformation as a chubby, miserable divorcee, owner of a struggling high tech company, and singer that hadn't sung in a decade. She is now a successful author, entrepreneur and rocker chick who is living large as the CEO of two thriving companies, singing lead in a rock band and is blissfully happy in a fulfilling relationship.

The Happiness Handbook offers readers an engaging approach to the age-old challenge of communication in relationships, guiding them through a fun process to identify, articulate and receive what makes them happy - and most importantly - teaching them the happy dance!

The Happiness Handbook - Jenn FlaaFlaa's premise that none of us come with a user's manual is illustrative of the author's humorous voice - providing readers with the ultimate insider's guide to finding happiness - whether they are single or in a relationship. A key theme throughout the book: men are hardwired to make their women happy. So why are so many relationships struggling? Women aren't being clear enough!

"Everybody, no matter what their belief system, wants exactly the same thing for their loved ones -- to be healthy and happy," states Flaa. "So isn't it our responsibility to be proactive in the process? If we are happy, then our loved ones are happy. It's a perfect circle but YOU have to start it."

Ironically, it was Jenn's male friends that urged her to write this book. She had noticed an underlying theme in her previous relationships - she wasn't being clear about what made her happy and when something did make her happy, she was guilty of not enthusiastically receiving it. She course corrected and the new concepts worked well - not only with boyfriends, but in all her relationships. Her friends wanted it all in writing so they could have the same chance at happiness in their relationships. And so The Happiness Handbook was born.

About Jenn Flaa

Born and raised in the sweeping vistas of Minnesota's cornfields, Jenn Flaa's early interests were steeped in the arts. She took a detour in college into technology and began her career doing software testing at NASA in Maryland. After an eye-opening business trip to California, she realized she belonged in Marin County and relocated. Then she did a couple of stints at high-tech start-ups before she established her own companies, Vettanna (high-tech staffing and strategic communications) and Vettanna ToGo (on camera training). After her divorce, Jenn's creative voice re-emerged and she jumped back wholeheartedly into the arts, rocking out as the lead singer in her band Urban Fiction. Jenn currently resides in Marin, is blissfully in love, very happy and ironically, working on another space project.

The Happiness Handbook is available on amazon.com. More at www.happiness-handbook.com.
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