Ignite your sizzle: Life lessons from a seventy-year-old babe

Recently I read that Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, is the producer of the anticipated and upcoming 5th Annual Tapping World Summit. I was quite excited as I mention it as one of the techniques, which has enabled me to be still 'Sizzling at Seventy'.

In my book, I write about horrific nightmares which always featured a green table. These nightmares continued to disturb me for a great part of my life. I reveal the origin of these in the latter part of my book as I found ways to heal.

Sizzling at Seventy - Lyn Traill Author

The victimhood and shame, nurtured through my childhood, resulted in my making some detrimental choices which included attracting the wrong men into my life. Craving love and believing myself to be unloveable, led me into a range of abusive situations. I can laugh at some of them now. One example I have discussed in the book, found me on a romantic tropical island on honeymoon with my second husband. Sounds great until you read that his girlfriend turned up expecting to share the experience!

My poor self esteem caused me to hate every day of my school life so I decided to become a teacher as I was determined to give kids a good time at school. I had some success in my career and my passion to help others motivated me to write some fun books for kids. but I always felt I was living someone else's life and my desire to please was nauseating.

I searched for ways to heal and each method, as I mention in the book, pierced the skin of my pain as I searched for real authenticity. It was when I began studying ontology that I learned to really understand myself - it gave me a structure that helped me become a better observer of my way of being.

At the age of 64 I met the love of my life - I had begun to believe that I deserved more than I had attracted in the past. Just as well he had a good sense of humour as my son told him at their first meeting that most of the weddings he had been to were his mother's!

I had begun to 'sizzle' a few years before I met Mick, but in the book I describe the amazing circumstances of our meeting and our wonderful eight years together. I dedicated my book to my gorgeous rock star husband and I certainly blossomed in the certainty of our mutual love.

I wrote the book to help others understand how victimhood and shame stifles our potential and as well as being my story, told with some humour and layers of pathos, I have added some structures that have helped me to emerge from victim to victorious.

Two weeks after my book was published, my beautiful companion was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal disease and passed away eight weeks ago. Victimhood beckoned once more but if you read the blogs on my website www.traillblaze.com you will see me begin to sizzle once more. I wonder what I'll be doing at eighty?

For more on info www.traillblaze.com
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