Green-Lighting Your Future: How to Manifest the Perfect Life

By John Koeberer


At a time in which people around the world are over-stimulated with work, social media, and the twenty-four hour news cycle, individuals can easily become complacent with their surroundings and lose sight of the internal drive and power that are necessary to create their own version of the "perfect life." Perhaps that power has been diluted, tainted, or even damaged. Regardless, the internal consciousness needed to create the "perfect life" already exists within each person. It simply needs to be discovered and channeled in order to succeed and to have a fulfilling life.

In an effort to help people create the lives they have always wanted, John Koeberer, highly successful businessman, mentor, and author, wrote the book, Green-Lighting Your Future: How to Manifest the Perfect Life. In the book, he presents the practices, values, and beliefs of history's most influential thinkers, including Earl Nightingale, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, and David Hawkins.

By distilling lessons from these great minds and putting them into an easy-to-understand format, Koeberer provides all of the tools, which he refers to as "Consciousness Accelerators," that anyone can use to enhance his or her own level of self-awareness, wealth, health, success, and overall happiness. Green-Lighting Your Future seamlessly blends ancient teachings about higher consciousness from the most influential and prolific thinkers of the past with life lessons and practices from today's well-known and respected entrepreneurs and leaders.

In this enlightening, insightful, and inspirational book, Koeberer also shares:

  • a. What Consciousness Accelerators are and how anyone can reach a higher level of consciousness by applying them in his or her life
  • b. Why higher levels of consciousness allow anyone to manifest ideas and practices that will make for a happy, fulfilling and balanced life
  • c. Ways in which anyone can impact society's "collective consciousness" to make the world a better place in which to live
  • d. What "Spiritual Entrepreneurism" means today and how it is a growing segment of the business world

"Green-Lighting Your Future presents material in an easily accessible manner, in an entertaining format, and in digestible portions," says Koeberer. "Through the use of Consciousness Accelerators like love, forgiveness, compassion, service, gratitude, and non-judgment, even the most uninformed can achieve a more perfect life by manifesting in their lives all that they desire through the attainment of higher consciousness. This is not just the 'hocus pocus' of a few well-intended teachers, but rather manifestation techniques that are backed by hard science."

A highly successful businessman and spiritual entrepreneur, John Koeberer is co-founder, CEO, and President of The California Parks Co., a company serving the hospitality needs of visitors to state and national parks. A graduate in business administration from San Jose State University, Koeberer has also had successful careers as a real estate broker, hospitality consultant, and co-founder and CEO of a local community bank that eventually grew to become a billion-dollar institution. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the California Chamber of Commerce in 2004 as well as received the "Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year" award for California in 2000.

For almost twenty years, Koeberer served as Chairman of the Lassen National Park Foundation, an organization committed to helping challenged and disadvantaged youth to learn about and enjoy camping and outdoor activities. A wine aficionado, Koeberer is also passionate about playing golf and fly-fishing.

Website: Greenlightfuture.com
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