Giovanni Gambino: How Sicilian Neighborhood Ties Can Help Thwart Terrorist Attacks


Without question, the attacks on 911, Kenya, Paris, and San Benardino , have left citizens and law enforcement alike scratching their heads and facing the stark reality --- "The killers were among us."

Author of several books including The Vindicators, a book about how the Sicilian Mafia evolved from the Fifteenth Century to today and another title on Race Relations, Giovanni Gambino member of the crime syndicate family, believes Sicilian ties within neighborhoods can help prevent individuals or groups like Isis from taking root in certain communities and can help law enforcement to make communities safer .

Giovanni Gambino, son of a key figure in the Gambino crime syndicate
Giovanni Gambino, son of a key figure in the Gambino crime syndicate

Mr. Gambino says, " I grew up in a neighborhood where there was a tight network of people who knew who was coming in before they arrived. "They were the eyes over eyes." This kind of vigilant neighborhood watch group is what Gambino believes would prevent terrorists from establishing a temporary launching pad as was the case in the 911 attacks, in a Florida neighborhood and recently in San Bernadino and in Paris.

Noting from personal experience and speaking in both a slightly discernible Italian and pronounced New York accent, "All it would take is for someone to say, Hey. That guy's talking funny over there... and before you know it, someone would beat the Isis out of him."

In the Sicilian community, residents are viewed with such scrutiny, Mr. Gambino concurs, they would learn about errant behaviors or crimes committed or planned ahead of Law Enforcement.

Agreeing that all communities share the good and the bad, Gambino affirms that the Sicilian System of strong neighborhood ties could assist in thwarting and preventing attacks from faction groups like Isis.

website: www.giovannigambinony.com

Giovanni Gambino is an avid writer of several titles, a noted guest on Fox News, ABC News, PRN News Channel and is an aspiring film maker.

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