Decode Your Dreams To Satisfy Your Subconscious

Dreaming is something we all do, but why? A dream is our own unique communication with our inner wisdom. We dream to resolve, rejuvenate and repair our mind, body and soul. There are messages in our dreams. Messages come in different forms such as images, colors, words, emotion, and sound. The key is to understand what these forms mean. Since our dreams our unique to each of us, keeping a dream journal will help you to identify what appears in your dreams and know the meaning. It is also important to know that even when something appears in our dreams as a negative, it doesn't actually mean that it is.

Lynette Teachout is the author of Journey With Zeke

Let's say that you dream that you are falling and then you hit the ground. When you recall this dream from a negative viewpoint, this dream would scare you. However, if you analyze your dream in a positive way, this dream would mean you are a free spirit who is starting a new beginning. You are letting go of all that is holding you back.

We are always in control of our dreams. That's right! You are the one in control. You can take control in every dream. You're having the same dream of falling, but instead of hitting the ground, you take control and start flying. Now that you are flying in the dream you are in control. Keep flying and see where the dream leads you.

What is happening in your everyday life has an impact on what you dream and how you dream it. If you are experiencing a lot of negativity in your life, your dreams will appear negative to you. Thereason is you are trying to resolve the negativity. On the other hand when you are happy and positive things are happening in your life, your dreams will also be positive.

So how can you keep your dreams positive? Here's what I do: Before going to sleep I close my eyes and envision a white light that surrounds my entire body. I ask for my dreams to be guided, protected and for messages that are meant for me to be delivered. Before I open my eyes upon waking (which can come anytime during our sleep cycle) I take a few minutes to recall the forms and emotions I saw and felt in my dream and write in my dream journal.

Next I look for patterns. How many times did I dream the same thing? Did something change in the dream? Noting what forms appeared in my dream, I begin my interpretation. You may want to reference a "Dream Interpretation Guide" to get you started, but don't read it as fact. Remember your dream is unique to you! If you and your friend had the exact same dream, it could mean something entirely different for both you. Instead let your inner wisdom guide you, it's the reason your dream.

Lynette Teachout is the author of Journey With Zeke. The book is based on true dream events that Lynette has had. She resides in Rives Junction, MI

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