Be prepared for your festival of choice.

Festivals mean long sunny days filled with music, friends and beer which is the ideal way to spend the spring and summer months. However, once the temperature drops and you are forced to sleep curled up in a tent, you need all you can to keep cozy and warm.

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Enter Heat Holders.

Make Heat Holders your headliner at this year's festivals. With their increased tog rating of 2.34, Heat Holders are seven times warmer than normal socks, meaning your feet will be warm and cozy, even if the rest of you is drenched in mud. Each sock goes through an intense brushing process to hold air closer to your feet, thus insulating and cushioning them for longer. This comforting effect also protects your feet from rubbing whilst walking up and down large festival sites, as well as dancing through the night.

Available in a range of lengths and numerous fashionable colours for both men, women and children, Heat Holders are the perfect accompaniment for even the chilliest of nights. Make a bold statement this summer, whilst ensuring your feet stay warm and comfortable as you dance all day or whilst snuggling up at night.

Once the tents have come down and the bands have packed away, your Heat Holders will remain a perfect companion for your feet all year round, although we do recommend you wash them first. Perfect for jet setting, whether you're skiing or backpacking Heat Holders socks are easy to wash, and dry quickly. Heat Holders take you from the plane, to the slopes and back again, and will keep toes toasty warm on any journey.

Also available are Heat Holders non slip bed socks, a must have for those of us that enjoy lounging around the house, having a productive day cleaning up and decorating, or even just for keeping cosy and recovering from festival fun in bed. To find out more about Heat Holders please visit: www.heatholders.com to see the range, people's thoughts and where to buy!

The RRP for Heat Holders ultimate thermal socks starts at just $19.99; perfect as a budget buy that is essential to keep feet warm and comfy all year for festivals and beyond.

Editor's Note: For more information, high res images or samples of the socks, please contact Francesca Bonfiglio on 08453 313031 or on fbonfiglio@championsukplc.com
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