An Addiction 'Discovery' book for the 21st Century

Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free is the first book of its kind to be written from the perspective of conscious awareness and draws on modern day scientific discoveries, ancient spiritual wisdom and real life testimonies. It is a radical departure away from the traditional ways of treating addictions, which have served only to keep the masses locked into a victim mentality. For far too long, people have been convinced that dependency and powerlessness are fundamental to the human condition. Nowhere is this belief more deeply ingrained than in the 'world' of addiction and in the traditional recovery programs.

Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free - by John Flaherty

Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free - by John Flaherty (ebook)

At last a consciously aware approach to addictions and dependencies coupled with a practical, common sense way to move beyond them, has finally been made available in this book - a message for the 21st century. Its liberating message needs to be available to those who are already more earnestly seeking another way of making sense of their lives. A new paradigm in a new age.

Although the science and spiritual worlds have advanced greatly since innovations of the 1930's and the inception of Alcoholics Anonymous, the outdated model presenting a concept of a 'Higher Power' separate from humanity and an outmoded understanding of addictive behavior as a 'disease' inflicting the mind and body - pre-determined by inherited genes that are fixed and unchangeable - do little to expand either the individual, or the collective consciousness of humanity. When we look at such long-held and unchallenged suggestion through the eyes of modern day science and not least through the lens of conscious awareness, this debilitating mind-set clearly belongs to a clock-work model of life and the mechanical way we are functioning in it; where mind is separate from body and where each person is separate from the whole. Such views suggest that a person in addiction must either:

A - Content themselves to remain in a perpetual state of 'recovery', sometimes stabilized or maintained by medication, constant attendance at meetings and a commitment to abstinence from the 'demon' substance or behavior, under which one remains forever power-less.

B - Become a lost cause.
It's quite likely that neither will sound very appealing. One may be more preferable to the other or less miserable and of course, many people find they slip from one into the other, known as 'relapsing'. However, each person's heart knows there must be more to life than this and ... indeed there is.

Readers are invited to bring to an end that backwater concept of our relationship to the Divine, step out from victim mentality and take greater personal responsibility for our purpose and for the way we live our lives.

Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free - book

My intention for writing Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free is to provide an entirely different approach to reality and to solving addictions. It inspires a practical, clear, simple and direct message: As a person allows the unfolding of consciousness, unwanted addictive behavior and limiting beliefs naturally give way to a more congruent and fulfilled experience of life.

For book reviews see: http://www.beawarebealive.com/books/ And http://www.amazon.com

John Flaherty is the Author of Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free, the first book of its kind to be written from the perspective of Conscious Awareness. You can contact John at: www.beawarebealive.com
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