A New Beginning: Living your divine purpose in divine order

Have you ever considered living a life that is stress free, effortless and purposeful?
It may be easier than you think. Most people have been looking outside of themselves for answers. Have you? The time has come to go within to get them. The intellect has taken over and it is time to go into your heart. Take the focus off what you think and go into your heart and begin to operate from there.

You access the Divine Source of all from within your own heart. By dropping from your head into your heart and connecting to Source from within your heart, you access all there is. Being present in the moment operating from your heart, opens doors.

When you are aligned with the divine within your own heart, you can access the all-knowing and all there is. All then becomes available to you.

Stress free, Effortless and Purposeful

Life can be effortless.
Can you imagine having a need or question and just going within to get the necessary guidance?

Save time and money.
Suppose you are presented with options. Have you have wondered what to do or buy? What if you could ask what is for your highest and best good and be told prior to making a decision? Can you imagine how much time you would save if you only went places and did things that were purposeful? How much money could you save if you only bought what was ideal for you?

Have faith.
If you have the faith to follow the guidance given when asked, you would not only save time and money, but a lot of aggravation by not going in the wrong direction, making mistakes and struggling to overcome those errors. that answer, you could save an enormous amount of money and time because you would do only what is purposeful and buy what is appropriate.

Connect to Source.
You can connect to Source through your own heart and ask there. Trust the guidance you receive whether it is an inspired feeling or thought. If you have trouble knowing the appropriate answer, you may have to figure the best way in which you can receive guidance. In the beginning you may have to build a muscle with your best method of communication. Once you have a rhythm down, you can live in the moment, trust that you are supported and guided to your highest good.

Life becomes so much easier. When you find yourself going into your head thinking about the past or worrying about the future, you know you have removed yourself from divine order. The first step is to return to your heart and be present and begin operating from there in a trusting manner.

It took me awhile before I got to where I lived an inspired life in the moment with the faith that all would work out and it did. I started this journey thinking a lot about my future, worrying if money or circumstances would work out. I did a lot of my own clearing work on myself to release blocks I had to a life of ease. I had to eliminate fears and limiting beliefs I had due to my past. I am happy to report my life is one of relative ease and effortlessness. I know the Source of all will take care of me. I have the faith and it just works out. I know it can for you too.

Live in your heart in the present moment. Ask what is purposeful and follow the inspiration with faith.

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