What you should be drinking this Christmas according to your zodiac sign


With the most magical time of year drawing closer, the inevitable season of non-stop celebrations, dinner parties, endless eating and drink-related festivities will surely get you into the festive spirit. Christmas is all about indulging and trying new flavours to take into the new year.

The cocktail market is arguably saturated, and the opportunity to make Christmas inspired cocktails are limitless. With all the classics heralding new festive twists, whether you are going out or mixing up your own tipple, it can be hard to decide what cocktail suits your personality.

Consumer marketplace OnBuy.com thought what better way to spread holiday joy, than to analyse the personality traits associated with each zodiac sign, to reveal the festive cocktail you should be drinking this Christmas.

Aries – Mistletoe Martini

Those born as an Aries are known for their passionate nature, enthusiasm and courage. Anything Vodka based compliments their fiery and youthful confidence. A Mistletoe Martini made up of cranberry and elderflower brings a festive flair whilst delivering a nice punchy kick.

Taurus – Brandy Alexander

A Taurus is said to be patient, devoted and extremely reliable. A Taurus loves traditions, so a Brandy Alexander delivers the perfect balance of classic flavours with a jolly nutmeg blend. The warming combination of brandy and cognac with Crème de cacao will unleash a Taurus’s indulgent side ready for the festivities.

Gemini – Cranberry Margarita

Gemini’s are said to be gentle and affectionate yet laced with a curious streak. Tequila brings out a Gemini’s wilder side, elevating any shy feelings. A Cranberry Margarita is a great way to add a dash of joyful cheer and a bit of sparkle to any Christmas party.

Cancer – For Goodness Sake

Known as the ‘mother’ of all zodiac signs, those with Cancer as their star sign are tenacious, imaginative and loyal, making For Goodness Sake their cocktail of choice this winter season. This tangy blend with earthy ginger notes goes hand-in-hand with a Cancer’s warm-hearted nature.

Leo – Winters Truce

Leo men and women know how to pack a punch, so it comes as no surprise that Whiskey compliments their fiery and passionate character. Winters Truce really is a cocktail to warm the soul with its echinacea tea extracts combined with warming honey and ginger.

Virgo – Let it Sloe

If you are kind and hardworking, you’re bound to be a Virgo. You also work more than you play, whilst Virgo’s are known to be the most careful of zodiac signs. Gin unravels a Virgo’s analytical brain, unveiling their care-free spirit. Let it Sloe will sprinkle some magic over Christmas with its sweet but sharp taste.

Libra – White Christmas Mojito

Libra individuals are gracious, fair-minded and wouldn’t dream of missing any social event. An ode to their personality, Libra’s are happiest when in the presence of others, so the popular choice of Rum in the form of a White Christmas Mojito will provide that happy snowy feeling we all crave, in the form of a classic Christmas tipple.

Scorpio – Apple Pie Moonshine

Like the animal, Scorpio’s are brave and passionate. Their resourceful nature and knack for being a true friend makes Apple Pie Moonshine the ideal celebratory cocktail for them. The pressed apple juice spiced with cinnamon, combined with the kick of Moonshine will leave you feeling warm but fiery.

Sagittarius – Sugared Cranberry Mimosa

If you’re generous and idealistic, then Sagittarius is your zodiac companion. Perhaps you’re extroverted, dynamic and free-spirted, so all things bubbly are your go-to. Try a Sugared Cranberry Mimosa, which splashes fun to classic Christmassy flavours.

Capricorn – Scotch Spice

Capricorn’s excel in self-control, are practical and conscientious; making them the responsible friend everyone needs around Christmas. They know what they like and tend to stick to classic flavours. A Scotch Spice with extra cinnamon syrup will deliver that warm fuzzy feeling and festive aroma, even when it’s cold; making sure they don’t stray too far from a traditional favourite.

Aquarius – Absinthe Eggnog

Aquarius individuals are deep thinkers, who love to solve complex problems. Their independence and individuality is what makes them weirdly unusual and intriguing to others. Thus, you may want to tickle your taste buds with an Absinthe Eggnog, a concoction of flavours not for the faint-hearted.

Pisces – Spiced Americano

Pisces are selfless, always willing to help others, whilst possessing a musical and artistic flair. Pisces tend to opt for something unusual, so a Spiced Americano delivers a unique treat this Christmas. Although the ingredients may come as a surprise, Jägermeister’s spicy notes paired with the fizz of prosecco yields a cocktail that’s ready to kickstart any party.

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