25 years to live: A mother's fight for her son's life

Book tells of determination, miracles after son's devastating diagnosis

MONSON, Mass. - Cyndie Degnan's son was given a death sentence at four years old. Diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Degnan's son Michael was facing a disease that is usually fatal by the age 25.

In her new book, His Strength Made Perfect: Michael's Story, Degnan tells how Michael remained determined from the very beginning. From driving his own car to graduating college and starting a family, Michael has not been slowed down by the disease, which leaves sufferers wheel-chair bound by the age of 12. Degnan wrote the book to pass on Michael's story of perseverance and God's faithfulness, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

"I began journaling when Michael was diagnosed with DMD," Degnan says. "Throughout Michael's life there have been so many roadblocks, but God has helped us find our way around them. Soon, I realized my journal resembled a compilation of miraculous stories of hope that centered around Michael--and so the book came to be."

The book follows Michael's life, through the ups and downs of learning how to live and thrive with DMD. Degnan candidly reveals her initial feelings of denial, anger and fear before she allowed God to lead her one step at a time through the process of raising a disabled child.

"My book is only one family's story of dealing with the upset and physical shock of unexpected physical challenges," Degnan says "I hope that it helps encourage others that they are not alone and that it is okay to reach out to God, their family, their Church and their community. No one should face a crisis alone."

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His Strength Made Perfect: Michael's Story
By Cyndie Degnan
ISBN: 9781462713462
Softcover, retail price: $12.99
Hardcover, retail price: $30.95
E-book price: $3.99

About the author

Cyndie Degnan earned her bachelor's degree in music education from Hanover College. She has two grown children, Michael and Amy, as well as one grandson, Joshua. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband of 40 years, Rick. Her family remains active in the local church as well as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, where she has acted as a spokesperson for various fundraisers and causes related to muscular dystrophy.
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