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Spotlight on Ayn Dillard

"Difficulties exist only so that in overcoming them, we may grow strong. Only those who have suffered and overcome are able to help others." --- Author Ayn Dillard

Author of Daddy Throws Me in the Air - Ayn Dillard takes the reader on an enlightening and transforming journey. She articulates a message of self-awareness and strength that stems from an independent and determined mindset. Ayn says, "I love to write, but most importantly, through my book, I want to bring to light self-awareness through a process of how we can release limiting imprints and negative beliefs that familial and life experiences may leave upon us, in order that we are able to live a more fulfilling and emotionally healthy life - a life of awareness, healing and choice."

Ayn continues,
"When we have pain, we can either run towards and through it or away from it. At times, we need to run towards it to arrive at release and healing - other times, to step away. It takes awareness to know which will best serve us. If we negate or stuff pain, it will fester creating imprints and beliefs that do not serve our higher purpose which is that of awareness, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness, so we may more often than not, live in self-acceptance, love and joy. When we are aware and process our emotions, the better we will feel and look. If you want to live well, feel and look youthful and be in your best life, learn to be aware of what you are feeling and why then learn to process though it." This is certainly true of Ayn who is full of vigor and light.

Her maternal Aunt Sandra knows her well, she comments, "Ayn always loved to explore and loves people. So much that her determination to socialize led to a family story with an unforgettable image. Her father had an extra tall fence built just to keep Ayn safely in the backyard. When he arrived home and was paying the fence builders, he looked towards the backyard to see Ayn's dress brush over the top of the fence and then vanish. The fence was just an obstacle for her to conquer, so she could continue her exploring."

Her college sweetheart who has known Ayn for decades, shared similar insights. "She has never known a stranger. She has a big heart and can relate to those who are head of corporations as well as to those who do minimal labor.", he states.

As for the future, when asked if there are any more books on the horizon, Ayn responds, "Definitely."

"I learned to fly and my spirit soared and so can you." --- Author Ayn Dillard

Daddy Throws Me In the Air - Ayn dillard

Daddy Throws Me In the Air - Ayn dillard (2018) new
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