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Lovefraud Dating Recovery Bundle

By Donna Andersen

Donna AndersenWhat drives your muse?
Your last romantic partner, unfortunately, turned out to be a sociopath. It was awful, but you don't want the experience to ruin the rest of your life. You want to find a new partner - a real love, not a fake love.

Donna Andersen knows from experience that it is possible to recover from a sociopath and move on to a healthy relationship. With this bundle, she'll help you do it.

You get two relationship recovery webinars, and the option to add on a 1-hour personal consultation with Donna, at a savings of over 26%. (Each webinar is also available separately - click the "More info" link to learn more about them.)

Webinar #1: Why it's so hard to get over loving a sociopath and how you can recover

You'll learn:
>> Why all romantic love is an addiction
>> Why the addiction to sociopaths is worse than a normal relationship
>> 12 facts you must believe about your involvement with the sociopath
>> How to break your obsession with the sociopath
>> How to heal your deep emotional pain
More info...

Webinar #2: Dating again after the sociopath

You'll learn:
>> How to protect yourself from sociopaths
>> Why internal healing is important
>> Lovefraud's 3 rules of dating
>> 10 tips for dating with awareness
>> Staying safe with online dating
More Info...

About your consultant
Donna Andersen is author of Lovefraud.com, a website that teaches people to recognize and recover from sociopaths. She is also author of Red Flags of Love Fraud-10 signs you're dating a sociopath and the Red Flags of Love Fraud Workbook.

Donna learned about sociopaths the hard way-by marrying one. She tells the whole outrageous story in her first book, Love Fraud-How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan.

Donna has collected more than 5,000 cases of people targeted by sociopaths, and has conducted five Internet surveys of survivors. She has presented her research on sociopaths to the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy. Donna is the program administrator for Lovefraud CE, which offers continuing education about personality disorders for survivors and mental health professionals.

Donna has appeared on television shows including ABC News 20/20, Who the Bleep Did I Marry?, My Life is a Lifetime Movie, Handsome Devils, Urban Legends and The Ricki Lake Show. She has been interviewed for multiple radio shows, print articles and web posts.

Donna is an empathetic listener, and totally knowledgeable about how sociopaths behave in relationships. She'll offer you validation, clarity, and practical suggestions on how to move forward.

Cost and credits
The cost for this bundle is only $45 for two webinars - two hours of instruction, plus you'll hear 40 minutes of Donna answering questions from the people who attended her initial presentations. Once you purchase these courses, you can access them online as long and as often as you want. If you add on the personal consultation, the total is $120 - a savings of $20 on your consultation!

Although this bundle does not award continuing education credits, you will be able to download a certificate of achievement upon completion of each webinar.

Here's are previews of the webinars:

Webinar #1: Sociopath and how you can recover

Webinar #2: Dating again after the sociopath

Yes, your heart has been broken by a sociopath, but don't let it ruin the rest of your life. You CAN recover emotionally, and you CAN date with an awareness of predators. With this dating recovery bundle, you'll learn how.

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