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A Wisdom of words

by Diana Morris

Diana R.A. Morris

It's me… or rather you, with the wisdom that comes with time, the growth that comes with trial and error, and the bliss that comes with ignorance.

Time will transform everything you're worried about now into punctuation marks for a story you'll look back on with wonder. You haven't reached your final form yet, but you're getting closer and closer each day

Trial and error will show you what works and what doesn't—personally, professionally, physically, and mentally. Spoiler alert: always follow your gut.

Ignorance will always be part of your life because, for as much as you know, there's so much more to discover. Remember how Father Himes said that the sign of an intellectual is saying, "Yes, but…"? Lean into that. Find joy in searching-and waiting-for the answers.

Try your hardest to breathe deeply and enjoy the journey. Keep writing these chapters. Keep figuring it out along the way. Keep remembering that the worst that can happen is 'no' and the best that can happen remains to be seen.

Oh, and one more thing-journal more. Looking back at things as they are instead of how you remember them being makes all the difference.

With all the love you want, deserve, and have, by Diana Morris

ONE - Some days it's by providing someone with a shoulder lean on. On others it's being confident enough to say "no" without providing an explanation. On March 6, 2018 it will be publishing your first book (yeah, you did! Get excited!!). There are so many milestones to look back on and so many more to look forward to. Cherish how blessed you are.

TWO - You'll do more personality tests than you’ll ever admit to anyone, but, regardless of the test, a common theme is always your intuition. While you'll know to question their internal and external validity, you'll also know these quizzes and surveys are picking up on something that can't be denied. Always. follow. your. gut.

THREE - Don't be scared of this word and don't be scared of what it means. Own knowing that you don't know it all.

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