12 Days Until the WECAN EXPO!!!

The WECAN Expo will be held on Saturday, April 13 from 10AM-2PM at St Charles Church, 3304 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA in the Clarendon area. We have about 45+ vendors on board, as well as 16 presentations/workshops and live demos on the floor.

VENDORS: You may arrive as early as 8 AM. You can unload out front, then move your car to the Geo Mason U parking garage across the street. You will be given a floor plan showing you where your table space will be.

Please note: If you are a vendor and will be bringing your own table(s), be aware that the St Charles elevator is only 7'4" tall. 8' tables have to be placed at an angle in order to fit and can only go up one at a time.

NON VENDORS who want to display promotional materials must get them to us either before 4/13 or by 9AM on 4/13. You must also agree to help out at the vendor table for a min of 30 min. We have the following people in charge of the vendor table:

10 - 11 Laura Fox

11 - 12 Maggie Clayton

12 - 1 Michele Wilson

1 - 2 Angela Williams

VOLUNTEERS Many thanks to those of you who have volunteered your time to help out: Laura Allen - distribute flyers at the Courthouse Farmers Market on 4/13 AM

8:30 > Teresa Duda - front door vendor arrivals

9:00 > Lisa Werth Vendor set up assistance

DOOR PRIZE DONATIONS Many thanks to those of you who are donating goods and services. If you haven't told me you would donate but would like to, let me know asap.

WE STILL NEED people to be at the door to the gym to make sure attendees get a schedule of presentations/workshops and have an opportunity to donate to the St Charles Food Bank.

For more information about the EXPO, Visit www.WECANWomensExpo.com
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