For Women, To Women, About Women
rowing up in
Utah didn’t hurt,
but having par-
ents who noticed
her talent early
on as a skier was even better.
Olympic medalist, Tammy
Erickson was a prodigy at
f ive on skis. “I pretty much
had ski boots in my cr ib,”
she says. “I star ted skiing
when I was in Kindergarten.”
According to Erick-
son, compared to today’s
standards, skiing in Kin-
dergar ten and not earlier
would stamp her as a “late
Having the talent to make
the U. S Ski Team at 12, and
competing internationally
and professionally from 1978
to 2002, skiing took Erickson
through numerous tours of
Europe, spanning from Po-
land to Italy, sometimes with
pa rents and sometimes with
For Erickson, skiing came
easy. With parents who fully
supported her, plus having
a strong taste for the sport,
she found it an easy passion
to pursue. “It kept me out
of the house,” chuckles the
Berkley graduate of biol-
ogy and mother of two, one
of whom recently earned a
Medical Degree from Stan-
ford and the other who works
as a photojournalist.
Earning the right to ski on
a professional level brought a
myriad of complexities to her
life. “In Utah, you have to
earn a certain GPA in order
to ski... when I was on tour,
from high school to college, I
had tutors who travelled with
me,” she says.
Skiing, says Erickson, is
indeed a high-risk sport.
Noting how she blew both
knees twice, dislocated her
shoulder, broke ribs, in-
curred a concussion, and
ripped the ligaments in her
right hand, she realized fol-
lowing her competition in
the 2002 Olympics, it was
time for the sunset—but not
“When I stopped profes-
sionally, I wanted to know
how to use the knowledge I
had to meet other women’s
fitness goals. Some may want
to run a marathon, some may
want to meet weight goals,”
says the c urrent owner of
Cur ves, a fitness and weight-
loss gym solely for women.
Now in business for five
years, through Curves,
Erickson provides a way to
deliver cutting edge fitness
and nutrition goals to women.
“The industr y I was in was
ver y male dominated,” she
says. “I am happy to use my
backg round knowledge and
experiences to help other
She’s an