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Joslyn Wolfe - Publisher

Bathing in a vast chamber of Egyptian art, culture, history and much wisdom, a certain concept bore significance: an end of life custom where the soul is lead to judgment to the Hall of Truth. At this juncture, before the God Osiris, the soul must recite forty-two negative confessions beginning with the prayer, "I have not learnt the things which are not..." In translation, according to the ancient Egyptians, our soul strives to devote itself to matters of lasting importance rather than those trivial matters that absorb vast amounts of precious time. Implicit in this belief is that in order to lead a life of meaning and purpose, we must detach from trivial matters that distract us from greater things. To our advertisers, readers and supporters, may you too continue a life-path of greater importance avoiding meanderings that lead us away from our true purpose to benefit ourselves, and the world and those around us.

All the best,

Joslyn (Joslyn Wolfe, Publisher)

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Under Christ's Umbrella Perfect Love - by Louise Whitehead

The Hostage Within - Karen Sjullie


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